Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – September 2017

Here’s the highlights for me from September 2017 (And yes, I know I’m a little late – I try to do this at the beginning of the month. but stuff happened.)

Authorial Highlights

  • I submitted the article that needed to be finished (and oh-god-why-didn’t-this-end-in-estimated-word-count). The article S. A. Fisher and I were writing was finished, reviewed by our peoples, and submitted. I finished the Designer’s Notes for Dungeon Fantasy 19 and got my co-author to add his two cents. I’m not just wanting for him to toss the bio my way to submit it. I dumped the article I was writing Combat II – sometimes it happens and you just got to start over. So that’s what I’m doing. I decided to write a sequel to my article “Mind and Body” and get the styles I excised from that article and a few more. Still working on that one. This still leaves Action, Alternate GURPS, and After the End – all of which I have ideas for or partially completed items.
  • The rejiggering of work flow is still an ongoing test as I had to stop and concentrate on one article to the exclusion of all else.
  • My article “Born to Be Wild” came out. Basically, I take Power-Ups 7: Wildcards and adapt a lot of those rules to Monster Hunters as a coherent framework. You can find my Designer’s Notes here.
  • I’m doing another thing for GURPS that I can’t talk about yet.
  • I’m working on the prelim for a couple of non-GURPS RPG projects. We’ll see where this goes. (Note: If folks have DnD 5e books they are willing to sell or give me – I could use them. I’m playing catch-up in this department and could use any assistance I can get for it.)

Blog Highlights

  • The blog revamp might take until November. The guy doing it is having some issues and I’m not really a priority right now (which I totally agree with). It’s still happening! Stay tuned.
  • I started cranking out some more blog posts for a healthy back log (shake that healthy back log!) 
  • I’ve continued plodding along with articles being delivered on Tuesday and Thursday of every week.

Patreon Highlights

  • This month’s patron specials were four new wildcard skills I excised from this month’s Pyramid issue and more Sorcery spells.
  • I lost patrons, gained them, had others modify their pledges so the new goal, “Set the Balloon People Free!,” bounced around a bit. We’re back to it again so November it’ll be enacted and we’ll see what people want to do.
  • The Patreon revamp is finished and I didn’t hemorrhage pledges or patrons as much as I feared. Thank you everyone for sticking with me. I won’t disappoint you!
  • I got 1 new patrons in September and $5 of additional pledges for Patreon.

Miscellaneous Related News

  • Work on fiction piece continued. Not as fast as I would like – but at least there was some work.
  • The kitten was trapped and tested – it did have FIV. Which sucked. But I ended up getting another one at the Humane Society and Nimbus now has a companion. They bonded pretty fast and within two weeks were cuddling at night and playing during the day. Check my twitter stream for pictures – it’s littered with them.
  • Mom continues to convalesce at my sisters and will likely have a surgery to fix her knee soonish.
  • +Emily Smirle‘s character has been truly awesome and though we miss Mav’s Cormac, Leo is pretty fun.
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