Carpe Blogiem: Patreon Goals for February 2021

New year, start of something new. From the month of February onward I will make a post towards the end of the month on goals I’d like to meet “goals” for my blog and for Patreon. A few examples:

  • Discord Server Goals: Recruit a certain amount of new users to my Blog/Patreon private Discord server.
  • Patreon Patron Goals: Increase the total number of patrons.
  • Patreon Pledge Goals: Increase the total pledge amount by current or new users.
  • Social Media Shares: Increase the share of a post or the number of times it’s been liked by users.
  • Traffic Goals: Get a certain amount of traffic on a daily basis.

These goals will begin at the start of the month and go to the end of the month. So what do you get? That depends, but a few examples:

  • Extra Blog Posts: I’ll do extra blog posts and pick topics from suggestions left on my blog.
  • Extra Free Specials: I’ll release a previous special to everyone.
  • Extra Patreon Specials: I’ll do extra Patreon special posts for my patrons.
  • New Project: I’ll release a large post to patrons (2,400 words or so). This might be new magic systems, new settings, etc.

There might be other goals (e.g., X amount of backers for a Kickstarter) or new rewards (e.g., several ready made NPCs with portraits). It all just depends on what seems good at the time as I try out this new system. Do note that you don’t have to be a Patreon patron to get goodies, but it’s probably best if you are so you can get all the rewards.

All that said…what’s up for this month? Here’s the following goals and their rewards for February 2021:

  • Patreon at the Disco!: For this month I’m looking for 10 new Discord signups. This can be for followers of my blog or just Patreon. Doing so unlocks a free special for all for new Sorcery spells. Getting 25 signups will unlock an extra Patreon Special for Sorcery spells for all Patrons $1 or higher. Link is here. Please wait to be assigned a role since I have added extra security. If you’re part of Patreon please send me your pledge level so you get your proper role level.
  • I’ll Buy that For a Dollar!: I’m looking to get five existing patrons to up their pledges by a level. This means $1 going to $2 totally counts. If this happens I’ll release a Patreon special for patrons for more Ritual Path Magic spells. If I get ten or more pledges from the $2 level going to the $5 level I’ll release another Patreon Special (topic to be decided).

And that’s it. We’ll see how this goes (hopefully well). This has the pontential (if all goals are met) to give patrons six Patreon Specials for the month of February.

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