Dungeon Fantasy Aersalus – C-Team – Session 18

Dramatis Personae

  • Alabaster Farkis Sagralleir, OId-Blood Human (320 points) (Played by Will): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Hópgehnást “Keel-Breaker” Nihtbealumann, Beastly Minotaur Barbarian (367 points) (played by Emily Smirle): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Kinnmonaqro “Crow” Rikah, Half-Elf Thief (380 points) (played by Josh Burton): Karemesie wanderer and half-breed. Tagline: “I’m small, but I’ll still cut you and you bleed just fine”
  • Kulvar Rholdun Uldar, Old-Blood Human Scholar/Artificer (Alchemist)/Wizard (0 points) (played by Travis Ellis): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Rashi Talonfurr, Human Cleric of Fire (409 points) (played by Christopher D.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Worrel, Dire Fire Badger (423 points) (NPC): Surprisingly calm for a badger. Likes to be Fast Fired. Fiercely loyal to Rashi. Tagline: “Use the magic on me!”

Previously . . .

After we last left off, the group headed back upwell to the Deadstone Keep Cellar where we rested for awhile. Securing a sleeping place and having some rations, the group gets back down to their last location, deciding to investigate the long dark hallway heading down south where they find and locate several more skeletons which quick get swept into small baggies for latter usage. Crow, finding a door, approaches and looks for traps. Unfortunately the door itself is a trap.

The Catacombs of Deadstone Keep

Alabaster, Crow, Keel-Breaker, and Rashi
Zhven (Tenth Month), 12th, 986 F.R., 8th Hour of the Sun (6:00 pm)
Redstone Keep, Northern Veneficia, Sicatra 

The mimic door lunges and bites down on Crow’s hand, dealing 4 points of damage and getting her hand stuck. Screaming, Crow draws her knife and stabs into the Mimic with her Crow Feather. While the knife did get stuck, the Strike Blind enchantment went off without a hitch with a critical roll of 3, there’s no way for the mimic to resist. Redmane disdains the mimic right before Worrell bellyflops on top of the mimic, roaring and gnashing and clawing. The bite and the burning destroys the mimic and it gets unceremoniously removed from Worrell’s fur and put into a jar.

Proceeding further, and heading back through the tightly packed corridors of wall scythes, they find one more as they go through a hallway. Crow spots a thing at the end of the hall, and if she can it, then it’s likely that it can see her. They spot a six armed creature with a serpentine lower half rush at her. Reacting quickly, Crow throws her Feather straight at the creature, and while it doesn’t penetrate DR, merely hitting it with the blade is enough to cause blindness. Redmane and Keel-Breaker moves into place to provide support while Worrell fast-fires himself. With combat started, Crow draws a normal knife and moves up.  The unblinded snake creature takes a move and attack but misses, same as the blinded. Rashi merely preps himself to fight.

Worrell, now fast-fired, speeds forwards dealing massive amounts of damage to the creature through a bite while Keel-Breaker heroically charges into combat and swings his boat anchor at the unblinded peshkali, dealing a lot of damage and completely unbalancing the peshkali by severing three of its arms, rolling one critical hit that dealt maximum normal damage of 25 points of cutting to one of the arms. Crow moves to stab the newly disarmed peshkali in the vitals, hitting it for 6 damage in the vitals. Retaliating, it swings three times at the young thief, forcing her to dodge several blows, taking 10 impaling damage which cripples her right arm. Rashi rushes forwards and unleashes a Holy Bolt which strikes the blind Peshkali in the chest.

Worrell, high on life and fire, gnaws off two arms from the blind Peshkali before moving to distract the disarmed Peshkali. Keel-Breaker slices again at the disarmed Peshkali, but only one hits slicing it through the digestive track. Crow retreats while Keel-Breaker goes berserk over being attacked while Rashi throws a Holy Bolt into the blind Peshkali’s skull.

Redmane moves to lop the head off of the blind Peshkali, but only half severs the head while Worrell finishes disarming the other Peshkali causing it to die from the trauma. Keel-Breaker steps forwards and attacks the blind peshkali, slicing through the rest of the neck while it’s very loosely attached. Alabaster steps forwards and lets loose with his acid ball, melting one of their arms. Crow nurses her wound while Rashi finishes the task of knocking its block off. Redmane slices off another arm with a critical roll of 6, leaving it with only two left which Worrell quickly severs and finishes it off.

With combat over, they move into immediate recovery mode by the group. Keel-Breaker immediately moves them into little jars while Rashi heals Crow’s crippled limb. They gather up the swords that were used as well before heading onwards with Crow remembering to pick up her weapon. They find that one of the swords is a rather large Greatsword styled scimitar made from crystal. The group needs to figure out which way to go and there’s only two directions to head, back up north and further to the west.

They come into next room with the goddess of Imir, the goddess of Fate and Time, and statue was desecrated big time. As they approach, they can hear large footsteps coming from the west and shortly two Demons of Old appear. Redmane clanks into position while Worrell stays back. The demons move forwards and lash out at Alabaster who manages to barely dodge both chains. Keel-Breaker moves forwards and slices through the heels easily. Alabaster steps forwards and hits the demon with an Acid jet for four corrosive damage to the randoms that doesn’t seem to do anything. Rashi moves forwards and does the only thing that can be done to a demon, hit it in the nards with a Holy Bolt before moving forwards to test if they’ve got a dread of holy objects.

Redmane moves forwards and slices off an arm while the demons move back in fear of Rashi and holy objects. Keel-Breaker throws his anchor at the defeeted and now disarmed Demon of Old with a critical roll of 6 causing major wound regardless of injury, though that’s useless as he’s already lopping of limbs. Alabaster, sensing opportunity, wild talents a casting of Grease causing the blind demon to fall down while the other one’s position just changes to being slightly more greasy. Rashi, with his line of sight blocked, moved forward and whacks the limbless demon with his staff right in the neck.

Redmane gets a critical hit in, but only does normal damage so it only does 17 cutting damage. The demons try to back away, but they’re blind and covered with grease and can’t get a solid purchase on the ground. Keel-Breaker manages to get in a hit to the spine with his anchor, killing the demon. Alabaster steps forwards and charges up some Lightning, getting a critical roll of 5 versus 17, getting a free maximum sized bolt for 4d damage. Rashi finishes off the last one with a holy bolt to the vitals. They gather the demonic essence into little baggies.

Rashi stays behind to purify the shrine while Crow investigates the next room over, seeing it’s full of strange green mist that is now following Crow. She casts a Blackout and hides in a little cubby, eluding pursuit. While he’s cleansing the shrine, Keel-Breaker and Alabaster moves on to find Crow barely 10 minutes into the three hour long ritual. Crow realizes that the mist is damaging her, forcing her out of her hiding spot calling out for them. Keel-Breaker runs through the mist for Crow while Alabaster checks out mentally, stunned. Redmane smacks the stun out of Alabaster and asks him to cast Affects Spirits on him, but fails due to his ghost phobia that had been triggered.

Keel-Breaker and Crow meet up and they try to figure out what is going on with Crow as the mist gets closer, they refuse to get down with the sickness. Redmane inspires Alabaster with a few more strikes to the face, giving him the inspiration to cast the spell. Keel-Breaker and Crow try to keep them away but the mist seem to dodge the attacks. Redmane stabs at the green mist ghost with his halberd and kills it. Ramming forwards into one of them, they dodge out of his way while Alabaster retreats out of the way and casts Lightning while Crow runs away.

The green mist continues to flow as Redmane slices it down with sword and shield. Keel-Breaker rams through more mist, just getting toxic goo on his horn. The mist dodge’s Alabaster’s lightning bolt and he steps behind Redmane for protection. Crow does a thing, and keeps resisting the nauseating smell as she runs.  Redmane kills a third piece of mist. Apparently things aren’t working as well as Keel-Breaker was hoping as he strikes again, the mist critically failing his dodge with a roll of 18, we’re not sure if it can fall down or not. Alabaster fails again at casting Affects Spirits while Crow’s daggers are mist. Unfortunately Crow finally got down with the sickness taking 10 toxic damage and gets nauseated, though she avoids retching with a critical success of 4.

Keel-Breaker takes another swipe at the mist, smacking the heck out of it. Alabaster finally manages to detect that they’re demons, Toxifiers to be accurate. With that figured out, his phobia finally stops holding him back. Crow, sick from the scent, huddles back while they swarm Keel-Breaker who immediately does a whirlwind strike, hitting two of them, one with a critical hit that does maximum normal damage. Unfortunately as they’re normally diffuse, they aren’t too affected. Keel-Breaker moves to chuck an ice grenade at the bunch, freezing the fart and killing one of them. Alabaster determines that to kill them quickly, they need to do large area damage or use Affects Spirits. Crow continues her retreat away from the fart demons.

Redmane has his attacks dodged, one of which managed to roll a critical defense of 4 turning Redmane’s attack into a critical miss, a roll of 7 forces him to do nothing for the rest of his turn and his defenses are at -2. Keel-Breaker draws another potion and chucks it at the toxifiers again, who dodges and hits the ground instead. Alabaster casts a Wall of Lighting dealing three damage to both of them, killing one. Crow keeps running away while the last Toxifier moves closer while Redmane attacks it, rolling a crit that does double normal damage that does 62 points of cutting damage, it’s dead now.


Three hours later, Crow has guzzled down four healing potions in a row to get rid of her nausea and they’ve put the farts in jars. When Rashi finishes reconsecrating the shrine, they hear the sound of ticking and a mechanical object appears in the statue’s hand. Alabaster’s wizard eyes detects that the clockwork gear thingie is magical, analyzing it with a critical success. They are Gears of Time and anyone that winds them gains Altered Time Rate, but if they’re overused there’s a chance that they might lost a point of Health permanently. They take some more time to cleanse the shrine to the Ten Thousand Heavens and in return they get a Potion of Rejuvenation that fully restores a character. This day, they’ve already spent seven hours down below, 6 of which was spent on Exorcism and cleansing.

After Action Report (GM)

The dungeon . . . is annoying me. I don’t have a rule like Peter does where you head back to town at the end of each delve. I prefer the adventurers stay on site until they want to leave. That said. I made the dungeon too big – 100 x 80 is a LOT – rookie move, I know. I just figured the PCs would move faster through it. They didn’t. So I’m calling it finished. There was only one encounter left anyways and the PCs dusted up similiar encounters super quick last time. Time to get to some plot. I got lots of stuff planned that doesn’t involve dungeon delving (or at least not as much as there has been the last 5 sessions). We’ll see how that goes.

Other Notes


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  1. Big dungeons take a lot of time – and even a modicum of caution multiplies the time it takes. Don’t be afraid to make smaller dungeons so they can be completed sooner. My plot-and-story GURPS game that I ran from 1999-2010 (I think) featured only a few, mostly very small, dungeons. Even then they generally took a lot of time!

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