Melee Academy: Variant Judo Throw II


Oddly enough, my Tuesday post about Judo Throw got a lot of hits and quite a few comments (both here and on the forums). One of the comments sparked my imagination was by Peter Dell’Orto:

“By the way, tossing someone into a table is a clear case of “Kiss the Wall” and it’s that kind of thing we had in mind. I think the reason it went in was a combo of the Joe Pesci door scene in Raging Bull and a friend who bounced someone’s head off a car bumper to end a fight. You can probably make a case for allowing ST-based Kiss the Wall moves to end against the floor but let it be countered in those cases by Breakfall, and go from there. Or say that after a Sweep you can use Kiss the Wall to inflict damage.”

Honestly, I’d forgotten all about the rules for Kiss the Wall (see Grab and Smash! in GURPS Martial Arts, p. 118). I still stand by my post about the Variant Judo Throw rules (with a few thing that ought to be fixed – which I have), but those rules (and Peter’s comment) got me to thinking. How would a ST-based skill roll for Kiss the Wall work exactly? Is it just a plug and play roll? Well…maybe.

Grasping Throw
Defaults: prerequisite skill-1.
Prerequisite: ST-based Brawling, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skill+4.
This technique uses the rules for Kiss the Wall (GURPS Martial Arts, p. 118) . but you make a roll against your skill, substituting your DX for your ST. You must be able to lift your target – if only momentarily (they cannot exceed your BLx6), but you add a +2 bonus to ST for this purpose only. Success means you’ve thrown your target into something inflicting Thrust-2 or -1/die, whichever is worse). Add +1 for hard surfaces and any bonus to damage you have for high skill. For hard surfaces with angled corners or objects with small areas of impact add +2. If a weapon is braced or its killing edge can otherwise be used, use the damage bonus for it’s best thrusting attack as well as its damage type!
Design Notes: Using ST instead of DX is a Benefit (-1), add +2 to your ST is based on extra damage (-4), and having a penalty for damage inflict is also based on damage (+4), for a total penalty of -1.
Picking Over the Bones
On further thought on the subject, using the rules for Kiss the Wall might be ideal when simulating a bouncer’s “bum rush” against something hard. Moreover, it might be perfect for emulating the kind of move I typically use against someone rushing me or against those I want the hell away from my current position. Even better it seems to be the sort of thing I’ve seen others do.
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  1. Control Points in Technical Grappling are designed to represent a quality grab (Trained ST) by a strong guy (base ST). And since CP add 1:1 to damage . . . big strong guys doing a grab (for CP) and smash (spending CP to increase injury) can get nasty.

  2. Which is probably the best way to do it so far in GURPS, but Technical Grappling can get…technical. I've managed to convince all my plays to use the [FNORD] system you and Peter did – but I can't get but two of them to use the regular system (which I mostly prefer).

  3. What I don't like is you need both hands to get the ST worth of thrust a one handed punch gives. Using the option to double all CP fixes that and brings it closer to the one attack = -4 DX of the original.

    In case of a Grabbing Parry, on following turn could you do an AOA double and @st is grip improveent to build up more CP while 2nd is the smash?

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