Ten Thousand Jade Petals B-Team: Season 1, Session 23 – Fox Problems

Dramatis Personae

  • Jian Wu aka Two (played by Christian G.): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Jiao Ting aka Eight (Played by Chris D): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Liang Jing Min aka Five (Played by Randy H.): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Nongmin Chushi aka Seven (played by Rory F.): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Sheng Yi aka One (Played by Calvin J): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Zhiyu Zhige aka Nine (NPC): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • He Bohai aka Eleven (NPC): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • He Donghai aka Twelve (NPC): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Ko Lenfan aka Four (NPC): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Laoshu aka Mouse aka Three (NPC): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Meiyou Ren aka Six (NPC): TBA. Tagline: TBA.
  • Rang Baozhai aka Ten (NPC): TBA. Tagline: TBA.

Previously . . .

Things start with the witchy woman blinking away from Ting’s attempt at an attack, forcing him to stumble another yard past her former location. Unfortunately it leaves open her boss who Ting ends up next to, lashing out with several fierce kicks nailing the boss in the groin and in the left hand, knocking him down and stunning him only to break out a moment later to get Nongmin crushing his neck with TK. Several cultists throw fireballs at Wu, Ren, and several others to no effect as they’re easily dodged. He Bohai moves to punch the cult leader in the head and whiffs. Rang fires into the last cultist on the steps, hitting him in the chest and killing him.

Attacking the Block

Jian Wu, Jiao Ting, Liang Jing Min, Nongmin Chushi, Sheng Yi, and Zhiyu Zhige
Cheapside Fish Market
Seventh Month 15th day, 1004 Zao Dynasty, 6th hour
Pingxian, Fu Dao Province

Jing Min stabs at the cultist that just threw a fireball at him, dealing massive damage to the cultist though they’re still somehow standing. Ren moves to slice through his opponents killing the smelly demon in front of him and the bone demon behind him. Zhiyu’s foxfire sets fire to a cultist while she throws a fireball at the witchy woman who dodges it. Mouse moves in to stab the cultist leader twice, hitting once but not penetrating his armor. Lanfen deals a bit of damage to the bone demon. Sheng Yi fires an arrow across the marketplace into a cultist’s vitals, killing him instantly, and then another two arrows into another cultist’s vitals, killing him instantly as well. Wu strikes at the demons in front of him with his double-wide sword, striking them all and destroying one of them with relative ease. The witchy woman casts a spell that Lanfen barely manages to resist. Several bone demons move around attacking to no effect until one manages to sting Jian Wu, the poison doing barely anything. He Donghai piles onto the dogpile for the Cultist Leader. Ting turns and runs towards the witch that blinked away, slamming into her back and knocking her prone and then kicking her in the abdomen. The cultist leader activates a magic item, blinking out of the dogpile he found himself in. Nongmin moves to reestablish his telekinetic hold on the cultist leader’s neck, his armor and spells protecting the cultist leader from damage from a wrenched neck. The cultists throw more fireballs at Wu, nearly burning off his arm and crippling it, while several others miss their strikes. Bohai runs after cultists while Rang misses a shot to a cultist’s back.

Jing Min strikes three times at a cultist and only connects twice, killing the cultist. Ren strikes at the two bone demons, slicing each of them once though both still live. Zhiyu heals Wu while her foxfire continues to burn the cultist. Mouse moves towards the cultist leader and does something. Sheng Yi fires several more arrows with pinpoint precision, killing several cultists with his final arrow exploding against the Cultist Leader’s magical shield. Wu, with his arm healed, strikes out at the bone demons, hitting one of them and obliterating it under his double-wide sword. The witch’s foxfire gets sent towards Ren who gets set on fire while the witch herself blinks away from Ting. Wu gets stung by one of the bone demons while Ren parries the blows coming against him until one manages to slip past his defenses. Ting begins to run towards the witch that tries to blink away again, following her across the map. The cultist leader manages to let loose a fireball at Wu who manages to dodge, letting it strike his own demon killing it. Nongmin slowly raises up the Cultist leader while a cultist throws another fireball at Wu who dodges it. Rang’s attempt to fire a bolt that the witch dodges.

Jing Min strikes at the witch, but barely misses. Ren retreats from battle where Zhiyu heals him up to full while the cultist dodges the foxfire. Sheng Yi fires several arrows at the witch’s vitals, only one managing to get through her armor. Jian Wu jumps onto the stall below where the cultist leader is being levitated and does a great lunge to strike at the Cultist Leader, managing to hit him dismembering the cult leader’s legs before dodging the witch’s foxfire. The witch attempts to cast a black orb spell on Ting which he manages to shrug off as he jumps towards her, she blinks away to avoid interacting with him again. With the cult leader hanging there, bleeding from his stumps, he falls unconscious. Nongmin drops the cultist leader onto Wu’s sword before floating down from the roof. A cultist drops a fireball on Wu to only get it dodged.

Jing Min and others keep moving towards the remaining foes on the battlefield. Ren moves to strike at the witch who blinks away behind Zhiyu. Zhiyu turns around and strikes at the kitsune who dodges the blow. Lanfen and the rest move towards the white bone demons while Sheng Yi fires several arrows across the field, past the entranced Mouse and bloody Wu, killing the remaining cultist. Wu, now up, jumps away from the bloody body of the cultist leader and towards the remaining White Bone Demons and slices at each of them slashing through them all and destroying them. The witchy woman tries to do something to Zhiyu who shrugs it off as Ting comes barreling in from the side, sweeping her legs and destroying her shins and knees. Nongmin comes closer while Rang fires across the battlefield missing Zhiyu, and the witchy woman, and hits Ting in the leg crippling it.

Jing Min runs forwards while Ren moves forwards and attacks her tails, cutting off one of them. Zhiyu moves her foxfire to the witchy woman’s tail and rips off one of the tails. More folks come towards the witchy while Sheng Yi takes careful aim. Jian Wu grapples the witchy woman only to see black fire well up from out of the ground, Zhiyu identifies it as a pit of hell and the witchy woman looks terrified of the hole. Zhiyu tries to grab her and haul her away from the pit of hell but the witch was obviously more afraid of the group than of hell and willingly goes in.

Zhiyu heals the group and Ting goes to drag down the Cultist Leader’s body and removes what baubles he can find from the body. Zhiyu berates her foxfire for not being able to actually hit anything while Sheng Yi keeps an eye on things and starts delegating. Asking Mouse and the He bros what they encountered. Unfortunately, there’s no one left alive to answer their questions. They find several things on the bandit leader, including a silvery feather amulet which Zhiyu tries to identify. The amulet is just temporary, it can be loaded with whatever spell they want and can be cast later. It’s not worth too much on its own though, only about $100. While they investigate, Ting wordlessly hands Rang back the bolt that got lodged in his leg while she frets and tries to get him to sit down and rest. He just stares at her. Sheng Yi comes to detect that they specifically prepared the ground for their fight, trying to give them the advantage.


They head back to the Ministry House and reports what is going on, they send more guards to investigate the docks. In about a weeks’ time they get the gates back up and running and they present the creche with medallion equivalent to key to the city. Nongmin gets new art supplies while Sheng Yi questions Mouse and the rest. They explain that they were investigating something and they were suddenly asleep, put asleep magically. With nothing else to do in the city, they head back to the valley.

After Action Report (GM)

FINALLY, the boss fight is over. It only took us two sessions to finish off. The PCs really worked together on this one and Wu and Ting were the big damage dealers. Ting might have saved the players since he occupied the Fox Witch and kept her from casting instant death spells like Black Sphere. The cult leader was also taken down by a collection of NPC allies before Wu bisected him by taking out both legs. The PCs didn’t get much information about the Black Silk, but they’ve now been noticed by one of the higher ups back at the Order. They’re training was fast-tracked and the PCs will find themselves as junior inquisitors of the Order.

Other Notes

Bonus report here.



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