A Thousand Tiny Gods B-Team: Season 1, Session 14 – Preparing for Adventure!

Dramatis Personae

  • Adelphin “Adel” Jean-Baptiste (played by L.A.): Godling of Werethekau and Baron Samedi. Machiavellian meddler. Power unto herself. Adelphin can kill with a glance, manipulate magic as if she were born to it (and she was), and doesn’t seem to be able to actually die. Tagline: “There is a fine line between life and death – cross me and find out.”
  • August Brodie (Played by Chris D): Apotheosised Mortal of Frau Holle and Pakhet. A kneebreaker that found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tagline: “The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference… in the world.”
  • Liam O’Shea (Played by Randy H.): Demigod Scion of Dagda. A huge, powerful, and deadly warrior. A druid and generally a likable guy. Taught the old ways and but is comfortable with the modern. He’s traveled much of the world and is looking to see even more. Tagline: “I told you I wouldn’t fit.”
  • Mitzidu Ito (played by Rory F.): Godling of Inari and Kojin. The teams business guru, event planner, and entertainer. Tagline: “Hearth is the heart of the home, food is the soul of the community”.
  • Suveer Patel (played by Christian G.): Demigod of Ganesh. Martial artist and student of a thousand styles, Suveer is one of the team’s upfront fighter with fists or his gada (mace). He can get past any obstacle put before him. Tagline: “You are in front of me and no obstacle can stop me. Find a better place to be.”
  • Cosmos aka The Management (Adelphin’s Ally): Cat and hotel manager. No, really. He’s got keys to everywhere, but is still a cat. Tagline: *Forgets to cat*.
  • Iphicles aka The Goodest Boy (Adelphin’s Ally): Son of Zeus and less famous than his brother. Tagline: *woof*.
  • Rui Qui (Adelphin’s Ally): Theogenic Demigod. Hacker, magician, and entrepreneur. The team’s backup fighter and sneaker. Tagline: “Reality is just another simulation to be hacked.”

Previously . . .

Mitzidu and Rui gathered supplies for their dimensional trips, managing to get everything in a small enough package, while Liam worked on getting charms made and finding clothing in his size. All that is left is to open the Forever Box to get the piece within, blowing through it by the power of his domain. Within it looks like an astrolabe with lots of swirling bits, but there’s something missing from the center of it all. Liam is speaking with the Goodest Boy, asking if he’d like to go with him or stay with management and the dog food, the Goodest Boy looks at both and then wags his tail at Liam and follows him. After the box is opened, they were instructed to go to the Suburban House where there’s the door to the Library. Suveer, however, asks Liam if his divining rock, now known as 53, may know and it tells him that he needs to see the cats which causes management to flip him off and confuse Liam. He asks if Adelphin knows what they mean, contemplating that they may need to go see a musical, or perhaps some Egyptian goddesses.

To the Library! Again!

Adelphin Jean-Baptiste, Liam O’Shea, Mitzidu Ito, Suveer Patel, & Yannis Papadopoulos
Karnival Resort Hotel and Casino
Thursday July 26th, 2012, 1000 hours
1700 Hassett Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104

They remember what the Library told them and gather up in a minibus again, this time Adelphin taking Cosmo with her despite his protests he’d rather watch television. Mitzidu travels cross town in fox form though, causing him to take quite some time longer than the rest of the group. In the meantime, Suveer asks for a book on the astrolabe, it was invented several centuries ago and is called the Locus. They see a rather pretty looking drawing of the Locus, seeing the center as a rather attractive crystal. Suveer knows all about the inventor, Ramaldi, his experiments often ended up with. . . different results. He was a genius, a polymath, polyglot, good with swords and words, known to use different strange materials in his works such as using a fallen star in some of his models and works and explains this all to the group as best as he could. There’s a huge air of mystery around him, his works are sought after by Lodges, fought over, stolen, or bought and the stories that some have heard have connected him to both the divine side, the lodge side, or neither which Liam shares.

While this is going on, Cosmo stares at August, commenting that he knows the hobo can understand him. August tries to ignore him under provoked which causes him to stand up in the middle of the Library and yell to come and try which garners him more side eyes from the Librarians and to tell them that there’s no violence allowed in the Library. Adelphin separates Cosmo and August, handing the cat to Rui who immediately sits on Rui’s shoulder. The Librarians still aren’t too happy with August after his previous visit, though they seem to love and welcome The Goodest Boy back, calling him Iphicles, known as Heracles brother.

Now that the group actually knows Iphicles past, Liam praises the dog and hugs him. It’s at this point that Mitzidu arrives to see the chalkboard and is rather familiar with Ramaldi himself. The Locus was an attempt to understand dimensionality and interstitial realms but instead created something that could find anything upon concentration by becoming the center of the universe and picking the item out from everything. Liam asks if anyone tried to tamper with it so that it would pull things that’s being concentrated on to it, which causes Rui’s eyes to light up at the idea. Rui touches the magical chalkboard that Suveer and Liam have been using and transfers everything into a book form which he gives to Suveer in case he thinks of anything else while Adelphin continues to chastise Cosmo.

The Librarian give them silver bracelets that cut off the urge of the calling of the Harrowing, but only for seven days. If they dawdle long enough for the enchantment to wear off, they may end up hurting themselves resisting the call. Liam remember what 53 told him, tells the Librarians that they need to go to The Cats and ask if they know what is meant, he’s told they’ve got a portal there so they can start their hunt. They need to complete the Locus to find the Key as the Key has been spread thin through the dimensions but they’re sure the Locus can cut through any obfuscation. They open a door that leads into an odd-looking place with a cobblestone road and a very large number of cats and the buildings have a mishmash of modern architecture, Old English, and anywhere in-between. Liam puts down Iphicles and goes through the door. While everyone else doesn’t hear anything, August hears a large number of voices coming from the other side.


Stepping through, Liam smells catnip and other mints, he immediately casts his Speak with Animals spell, which transliterates it into an understandable language, but is unable to actually understand that language. August, in the meantime, gets tortured even more as cats approach him and demand, in what he understands as perfect English, that it wants pets. Apparently, August is the only person that can understand them and once the cats realize that, he gets swarmed by them. Liam suggests that August communicate with them to figure out where to go next.

After Action Report (GM)

Nice session. We had to stop about halfway through because two of the players were basically conked out. Lack of sleep does that I guess. Good fun game though. 10/10 would run again.

Other Notes

Bonus report here.


“Karen” by The Go-Betweens (Opening Song)
“Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf
“What’s New, Pussycat?” by Tom Jones (Closing Song)

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