GURPS101: Even More Skill Sets for Specialists

Here are a few new skill sets (per GURPS Action 4: Specialists) that I came up with for my own games.


Here are a few more options for gadgeteer.


25 points

Prerequisite: Medicine.

You’re a Quick Gadgeteer (p. B57) with anything remotely medical related.

Ordinary repairs (e.g., fixing a malfunctioning dialysis machine) or improvising a device from appropriate parts (e.g., a test kit from something similar – or almost anything, if you have access to a fully stocked lab) takes 10 minutes and a roll against the most relevant Electronics Repair (Medical) or other medical skill. Extraordinary repairs (e.g., fixing broken MRI machine) and improvising from inappropriate parts (e.g., a glucose test kit from as thermometer) work identically, but take an hour.

You can also improvise cures for diseases, toxins, parasites, etc. This automatically an average invention for a suppressant that stops the development or progress of symptoms, a vaccine that prevents infection in an uninfected person is a complex invention, and an antidote that is an Amazing invention.

Advantages: Quick Gadgeteer (Medical,‑50%) [25].

Mad Scientist

25 points

Prerequisite: Parascience.

You’re a Quick Gadgeteer (p. B57) with anything technologically weird. This skill set is mostly to make the creation of metatronic generators created by parascientists faster. But you can also use it to make ordinary repairs to any malfunctioning device or improvising a device from anything. This takes 10 minutes an appropriate skill roll, but gives anyone else a -1d to rolls to use it until they spend at least 8 ¥ skill penalty hours familiarizing themselves with it.

Advantages: Quick Gadgeteer (Parascientific,‑50%) [25].


25 points

You’re a master of parapsychology and the strange.

Advantages: Parascientist 1* [10]

Skills: Occultism (IQ/A) [4]. • Spend 11 points in any of the following: Anthropology (IQ/H), Archaeology (IQ/H), Engineer (Medical, Metatronic, and Scientific) (IQ/H), Electronics Operation (Medical, Metatronic, and Scientific) (IQ/A), Electronics Repair (Medical, Metatronic, and Scientific) (IQ/A), Expert Skill (Psionics and similar) (IQ/H), Hidden Lore (any) (IQ/A), History (any esoteric) (IQ/H), Physics (Paraphysics) (IQ/VH), Psychology (IQ/H), Research (IQ/A), and Thaumatology (IQ/VH).

* Gives a bonus to Anthropology, Archaeology, Engineer (Medical, Metatronic, and Scientific), Electronics Operation (Medical, Metatronic, and Scientific), Electronics Repair (Medical, Metatronic, and Scientific), Expert Skill (Psionics and similiar), Hidden Lore (any), History (any esoteric), Occultism, Physics (Paraphysics), Psychology, Research, and Thaumatology. A roll at IQ-6, +1/level of Parascientist to notice anything paranormal about a subject when they first encounter it. This isn’t an exotic ability, but rather fine-tuned senses and skill picking up on strangeness.

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