A Thousand Tiny Gods C-Team: Season 1, Session 16 – Devil Went Down

Dramatis Personae

  • Ekaterini Tsakalidis aka The Lady of Laundry (played by Chepe): Godling of Hygieia and Minerva. Face-changing clothes-horse with history as a Mob assassin and crime-scene cover-up artist. Tagline: “Never let them see you sweat.”
  • Tercallus aka Callum “Cal” Parker (played by Will): Theogenic Demigod. Thrill-seeking, jaded, time-warping high stakes gambler coalesced into existence over a decade ago in an alley outside a casino for reasons unknown. Tagline: “Time is malleable.”
  • Theroikon (played by Jenn D.). Theogenic demigod. Patron of urban wildlife. Shapeshifter, naturalist, and the party’s literal though somewhat reluctant combat monster. Tagline: “Mess with my people and I’ll show you a silent spring.”
  • Winfred Timotheos aka The Friend (Played by Chris D.): Demigod of Philotes. The friendliest person you could hope to meet in Las Vegas and leader of a philanthropic Society/Cult. Tagline: “You know they say that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, and it’s nice to meet you.”
  • Arnold Zahn (NPC): Son of Ares. Has a deathwish. Drunk. Tagline: “How about that drink?”
  • Julie Wilms aka The Assistant (Winfred’s Ally): Human, probably. Former covert agent turned convert. Now spends her time assisting, guarding, and herding Winfred. Tagline: “Time to go, Sir.”
  • Sarah J. Pokorny (NPC): Daughter of Thoth. Magician. Capable as hell. Tagline: “I may be in a wheelchair but I’ll kick your ass.”

Previously . . .

The group has gathered at a local cowboy themed bar below street level with the wolf, nicknamed Gavin by Winfred, joining with them. They’re meeting a demigod named Johnny J. and invited them to the bar as a neutral meeting area. It might not be an official neutral area, but he felt it was smarter to be in a bar if anything actually started. Johnny is the son of the Mesopotamian goddess of beer, Ninkasi, and while he’s not much of a fighter, he can do basically anything with beer, including making beer with very high alcohol content, as he demonstrates for the group. He’s also kind of inbetween jobs at the moment due to having a habit, not a great habit, but a habit. Thankfully, he’s not another alcoholic, unfortunately that habit is betting on games. He can also make people drunk through touch and at range, demonstrating it first on Ekaterini and then on all the other patrons in the bar including the folks around him, forcibly making Winfred drunk, and then sobering up everyone. Winfred is not pleased at what Johnny is doing.

All My Exes Live in Texas

Ekaterini Tsakalidis, Tercallus, Theroikon, and Winfred Timotheos
Saddle N Spurs Saloon
Thursday July 26th, 2012, 1730 hours
2333 N Jones Blvd #108, Las Vegas, NV 89108

Ekaterini is more enthused by the new recruit and his abilities, talking about how Zahn would like him, though Johnny also doesn’t have a lot of control over his abilities since he wasn’t interested too much in what the Kindly Ones were teaching him. Ekaterini talks to him about self-improvement for some reason being one of the things that they seemingly enforce in the group due to Winfred and that he’d need to sign a contract and probably do some things for the group. He’s more than happy to sign up for the BTI and is willing to do whatever, just as long as it doesn’t mean a lot of work as he’s a bit of a stoner and is quite happy with sitting back and smoking pot.

Johnny tells the group that he’s fairly sure he’s being followed since he was originally going to be joining up with a different group. Originally, he was going to join up in an MMA fight, make everyone drunk and waltz his way through, but that got shut down. Then another guy offered Johnny a place, but after accepting he remembered what his mother told him about taking candy from strangers and it just seemed like him taking adult candy and now he sent some guys to kill Johnny, just like the ones that walked through the door holding a shotgun.

Ekaterini dives for cover under a nearby table while Thero grabs Gavin and dives behind the jukebox, Cal ducks behind their table while Julie moves to protect Winfred. The leader, Soledad, levels her shotgun at Johnny while Robby fire at Ekaterini and Clark fires at Thero, both manage to dodge their attacker’s shots. Ekaterini fast-draws her rapier from below her coat and steps towards Robby, striking at his neck but is made to drop the rapier upon a parry. Thero tells Gavin to circle behind the bar and wait for a chance to strike before he charges at Soledad, striking at her arm, slicing through it and disarming her. Cal activates his time dilation field for everyone and moves in behind Ekaterini and Thero, speeding up most of the group and slowing Soledad. Winfred, not really able to do much, activates his pacification field causing them to become reluctant attackers while Johnny hides under the table.

Julie fires her gun at Robby’s head past Ekaterini, managing to hit but he’s still alive. Clark fires at Cal’s leg for a disabling shot, blowing out his leg and disabling him, taking him down to the ground. Ekaterini flips her rapier back into her hand and strikes at Robby’s neck several times, only managing to slip past his defenses and get one slash in for quite a bit of damage, but Robby still stands. Theroikon steps and strikes at Clark’s neck, decapitating him with a single strike and then stepping back to Soledad, decapitating her as well. Cal turns on his regeneration field and rolls towards Robby, accidentally dropping his knife as attempts to draw it. Winfred does nothing while Johnny cowers under the table.

Julie fires another couple rounds into Robby’s head, though he’s still standing, albeit begging for his life and dropping his firearm. Ekaterini isn’t feeling too merciful as she plunges her rapier into Robby’s heart, killing him.


Cal regenerates his leg and asks Ekaterini for help in repairing his clothing while Thero tells Winfred to unlock the car, despite Winfred not carrying the keys for the Maybach, so Gavin can get out of trouble. Instead, Winfred just slowly uses his Friendship Control ability on everyone, suggesting that they help out while the rest take care of the crime scene. They find a half-dollar coin on Soledad which is rather interesting looking. Some of the folks that Winfred has used his ability on suggests they just dump the bodies out in the desert while Ekaterini and Thero absorb the aetheric energy from the dead demigods. Without having to worry about the bodies anymore, the group looks outside and finds the car they used, a rental car that doesn’t have much information in it, so Cal decides to use his psychometry on it. He learns that the demi-thugs were working for someone named “Lord Bane” who has promised them true immortality if they bring back the heads of the PCs.

After Action Report (GM)

The introduction of the new “big bad” was supposed to involve talking to one of the demigods who gave up – that did not happen. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but it was rather low on my priority outcome list. Discord servers acted up about half way through and I had to wait almost 30 minutes to get back in. That was….annoying. We played some more and then I started trending low on my glucose and since we were at a natural stopping point we stopped. Next week we continue!

Other Notes



“All My Exes Live in Texas” by Travis Tritt (Opening Song)
“Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band
“Catch the Wind” by Donovan (Closing Song)

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