AEON C-Team: Season 5, Session 5 – The Birth of Steely Dan Stapleman

Dramatis Personae

  • Henry Young aka Springheel (played by Chris D.): A hyperkinetic with superhuman reflexes that recently left one military to join another. Tagline: “What’s the point of shooting if you’re just going to miss?”
  • Hssh ̚ok-qrra ͜a ͞a’escht ̷iish aka “Hiss” (played by Emily “Bruno” S.): A stranger in a strange land, with strange people, and strange technology. At least the microwave is a good conversationalist. Tagline: “Don’t try to pronounce that with your primitive honk-box.”
  • “N.V.” (played by Josh B.): Diva, darling, shapeshifter, and spy.. Tagline: “I like killer clothes and kicking nerds in the nose”
  • J. Tyler Moody aka Magpie aka VERACITY (played by Travis E.): [REDACTED]. Tagline: “[REDACTED].”
  • Rory Cook aka Boomer (played by Will): An expert scientist and self proclaimed “doctor” with the ability to charge objects so they explode. Tagline: “Where do you want the explosion?”

Previously . . .

Last time the group has managed to track down someone that would let them get some new identities for covert operations, spending more and more money to get one for NV that would fool the fools at MIA. They’ve got a few other plots on the stove top, such as figuring out the heroin supplier, getting some more information on the corporate spy, and replacing the sticky note on the metahuman prison with a white board with a dry erase marker to keep things from falling off.

The Birth of Steely Dan

Henry, “Hiss”, “N.V.,” VERACITY, Rory.
City Hall Loop aka the Subway
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2017, 10:00 pm (EST)
Park Row & City Hall Park, New York, NY

With the IDs on order, the head into researching where MIA is located. In this case, a federal building downtown. A few plans on the table involve breaking into a federal building in the middle of the night and creating a transfer paper trail for NV. Another option is that since it’s a government building, they could just try to figure out how to spoof the number and just send in a few faxes to start the paper trail instead of committing felony treason with breaking and entering. Deciding discretion is the better part of valor, they take the time to set up information using AEGIS’s computers with existing document templates for government paperwork.

The Rise of Steely Dan

Henry, “Hiss”, “N.V.”
Jacob K. Javits Federal Building
Monday, March 6th, 2017, 6:00 pm (EST)
26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278

NV establishes his alternate identity and then secures the team a fax machine while everyone else wanders through getting NV’s paperwork forged and and ready. Finding a superior that has recently become unavailable, getting some appointments set up for his ID card and orientation set up after borrowing an ID making machine from city hall as well. NV is all set up for getting in on the 6th of Monday. Now all they need to do is borrow an Intern to get past the genetic testing.

Talking with the folks, NV (now Dan “Steely” Stapleman), talks his way through as Rory and Hiss creates a counter-protein serum that keeps him from being detected on the genetic material spectrum testing, but it needs to be taken every three hours. They set up an insulin pump to keep it flowing and claim that he’s diabetic. Dan is set up in lower middle management, going through social media reports to find the appropriate and legitimate reports and passing them upwards. Currently, no one knows what they’re doing with the metahumans they capture and “Dan” textures Veracity the location of the MIA’s dumpster location while Veracity tails people to figure out their organization charts.


Hiss sets up to crack into their signals but fails due to mammals using strange numbers while Rory and Henry sort through information being gathered. They take a week of gathering information from MIA.

After Action Report (GM)

Another short session, but a lot of stuff got done. The PCs set up one of their own inside the Metahuman Intervention Agency (MIA) with a false ID, false face, false history. Basically, a very thorough insertion of an agent into a potentially hostile group. It was done near flawlessly too – a total success of 21 (a combination of a low roll from a high skill, max time spent, and lots of complementary skill rolls ). That was pretty damn impressive.

All that said . . . I’m having a hard time connecting to this game again. The loss of all the original player characters except for one is not helping. Five sessions in and I’m just not feeling it. I’m happy with the setting, but the premise for C-Team needs retooling some how. Perhaps an entirely new premise is needed. I don’t know. I need to think about it more.

Other Notes

Second session in a row where I only ran for 2 hours instead of the normal 4. Real life intruded, yet again.


“Swords and Knives” by Tears for Fears (Closing Song)
“Gravity Falls (Densle Remix)” by Densle (Montage)
“Do It Again” by Steely Dan (Closing Song)

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