AEON E-Team: Season 1, Session 5 – City of Lights

Dramatis Personae

  • Johnathan Finn aka N0va (played by Chris D.): A Cyberpath with a digital mind and a timid streak. Perhaps the least combat inclined of the group and prefers to find alternate means of getting past his enemies.. Tagline: “He’s no saint.”
  • Ruby Rhyolite aka Terra (played by Emily Smirle): A geologist with the power to control the very Earth, and a scatter-brain. Ruby is bold and by the books, even when her books are all over the place and she can’t find the one she wants. Tagline: “If it needs a shovel, I’m all about it!”
  • Jane Doe aka Stitch (played by Josh B.): Dead(?) and loving it. Reanimator meets Rocky. The de facto team leader since she questions the least and always comes back. Tagline: “Don’t worry, I didn’t need that part anyways.”
  • The Ghost (played by Travis E.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Evan Grey aka Bone Daddy (played by Will): A college dropout with a temper, Evan enjoys using his bone manipulation powers to rough people up, followed by using his mostly forgotten medical training to patch them up. Tagline: “Stop resisting. It’ll hurt less”

Previously . . .

Back at the base it takes awhile to get things back into the base and it’s night time by the time everything is done with. Finn, tired of getting everyone getting hurt, builds a quick metatronic generator to heal people. Viper is the first. . . victim into the machine, finding that it heals him near perfectly, though it does have a small bug in that it causes extreme hair and nail growth that Bone Daddy is able to take care of.

From the Lectric Company

Bone Daddy, N0va, and Stitch
Day 7, 9:00 am
448 E 173rd St, The Bronx, NY 10457

There’s some problems with the vehicles in that they’re rather loud and noisy in the quiet post-apocalypse so they ask Finn about converting them to electric engines, which is trouble in and of itself. They’re looking at either several hours of conversion or trouble when everyone can hear them coming, and since it would require Finn’s expertise in the matter he’s not available to negotiate with Shepard over the time difference and that they’re not trying to screw him out of hard earned loot. This leaves Stitch as the next best choice as she almost charms the pants off of Shepard. Apparently there’s another member of the Stitch fanclub that Stitch just can’t keep her eye off of.

Finn searches for available engines, managing to find several electric motors in almost brand new condition. Shepard and Kenneth have a hauling contest to impress Stitch while she ignores them hauling several of the motors by herself. Finn takes the most of the day to convert all the cars and slap a cow catcher on the front of the fuel tanker while Bone Daddy tries to help, tries being the operative word. Stitch, in the meantime, does her best to dodge affections.

With the conversions taken care of, Bone Daddy leads them in packing up the gear to get ready to go the next day. Bringing in 10 more men from his crew, one of which was able to drive. Stitch gets into the tanker with the old man, Ron Dunne, covered with ammunition and he reassures her that Shepard won’t do wrong by her and her team.

The road condition has turned things from a simple 12 mile drive to what is essentially a 48 mile trip through New York. The first quarter of the trip has no complications while the next one has them encounter seven scavengers that nearly leads to a problem when Finn accidentally insults one of their mothers. Apologizing for implying that his mother was a slut and offering them a Jolly Rancher before heading back on the road. Doesn’t take long before they get to the bridge and find a dead body full of slices and cuts, wearing cloth for shoes.

Coming over the bridge, they’re surprised to find it covered with electric moss that blows out one of the motors on the truck, leaving it to limp along. But they’re still able to make it to Light City where the roads look better. Coming through the north gate, they find several very high walls with basically any sort of item stuffed into it to make it solid. Finn can feel cameras on him and hear radio transmissions along with an actual radio station playing music from before the crack.

Light City

Bone Daddy, N0va, and Stitch
Light City
Day 8, 9:00 am

Questioning is performed along with a medical examination to ensure they’ve got no problems with disease. Giving the guards a list of what they’ve brought to trade, they’re directed to the Exchange and the group moves towards the Extracore for trading. They find a group of people in line already trading food, scavenged parts, little bits of misc. goods along with bartering happening around.

Finn checks out the motor on the truck, a blown motor that’d be hard to repair. Meanwhile, a small child draws Stitch towards his father’s stall to buy some earrings. Turning the sale down by claiming they’re broke, the kid instead offers her crackers since she’s broke and can’t eat that night. She hands the crackers back to the kid’s father and declines it when the man gives her a free knife instead saying that she might be back as the earrings were cute.

At the front of the line they had some trouble convincing the man they had several thousand gallons along with car engines, broken solar panels, some propane tanks. Asking what they want for them, Finn instead points him towards Shepard since they’re going to get half of whatever he negotiates. Some comments and checking out finds that he’s got around 1,600 coins for everything, 800 coins for the group which equates to a lot of money. They notice the conversion on the trucks too, complementing it and saying that his skills could be used for the Light City.

A man says that they want them to stick around and speak with someone. Nia Jefferson, leader of Light City along with others, she’s a young African American woman in work clothing that extends her hand for shaking. She questions them how they got the stuff and Finn tells her they got it from the time bubble and gives the location for a lathe. Finn takes a few minutes to investigate it and can’t just leave a dying machine well enough alone, giving it a kick and a few seconds of his technopathy. A loud squeal occurs as the machine seems to be coming back to life, visibly before their eyes.

He can’t help but reveal that he is a technopath, and she asks him to repair other machines. It doesn’t even take him a few hours to do so. While doing that, Stitch and Bone Daddy get pulled around with Shepard to a winter clothing store. She’s able to do some generic one size fits all clothing, but tailoring will cost extra. They’re only costing six chits each, with tailoring costing another chit each. A rush job would cost some more money too but Stitch is able to work with her for a discount to make thing cheaper. Bone Daddy, in the meantime, spends about 150 chits on a starter gardening kit and a portable greenhouse kit.


Finn, as part of his payment, takes a few of their broken HAM radio sets that he can repair later and use to communicate with Light City and otherwise. Getting Nia’s frequency and the frequency for Light City. The ride home is still fairly silent with them getting Shepard’s frequency as well. They work up for the next couple weeks prepping for winter, getting power supplies set up and hooked into place along with getting the HAM radios going.

After Action Report (GM)

Overall, a good solid session and breaking point. That’s the end of AEON E-Team for now. Switching over to my Dungeon Fantasy Aersalus campaign next week.

Other Notes

This was a 3 hour session. We only had 3/5ths of the team and I didn’t want to get TOO far ahead.


“Hella Good” by No Doubt (Opening Song)
“Convoy” by  CW McCall
“Bright Lights” by Matchbox Twenty (Closing Song)

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