Carpe Blogiem: 2016 – A Year In Review

Like my last three years in review. Here are how things went for me in 2016:

The Good (What I did well or that went well)

  • I was published in Pyramid a bit this year: #3/87: Low-Tech III (5/5 stars), #3/89: Alternate Dungeons II (4.5/5 stars), #3/90: After the End (5/5 stars), #3/91 Pyramid: Thaumatology IV (5/5 stars), Pyramid #3/93: Cops and Lawyers (5/5 stars), Pyramid #3/95: Overland Adventures (5/5 stars), ##3/97 Pyramid: Strange Powers (4.5/5 stars), and #3/98 Pyramid: Welcome to Dungeon Fantasy (5/5 stars). I didn’t land any cover issues this year. As of right now I’ve been published in Pyramid 43 times (twice in Issue #3/46). I was published eight times this year, losing out in February, June, August, and October. Eventually I’ll get the “all year” mark. It’s yet another goal to strive for.
  • I’m still working on the current wishlist, but all issues are done except for Humor, Epic, Deep Space, Hot Spots and Locations, and Action. I’ve got another 6 that are have no listed home, but are good to go.
  • My Patreon has been doing extremely well considering what it is – I’ve reached the point where I make (on average) about the same as writing for Pyramid. I also started doing non-game design writing for a tech firm and that’s been helping considerably. Currently, I’m writing for three different places steadily plus my other freelancing.
  • I was selected to preview and write about the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (see the Kickstarter here!). The other list of names included Phil Masters, David L. Pulver, Matt Riggsby, and Peter Dell’Orto. That is heady company.
  • My mastery of the English language continued to improve and I’ve been working myself up to some of the more arcane rules.
  • Nimbus remains a source of delight and amusement. I’ve been teaching him tricks (for treats!) and he’s mastered some pretty interesting things. We’re still working on “selfie”, but I think he did rather well.
  • Home life is still pretty decent, I wish there were more that could be done, but we have a roof over our heads, bills are paid, and food on the table. That’s not something you can complain about.
  • I got to put some long dormant indexing skills to use for +Douglas Cole for his Dungeon Grappling project. It turned out quite well I think.
  • Mental Health: As of this writing I’ve gone over six months without having a breakthrough incident or losing my temper. I was put on new medication for and that has helped immensely. I can add panic-anxiety disorder officially to my list of “WHY WAS I MADE THIS WAY?!” Still, more good than bad.
  • My Dungeon Fantasy book finally was published! GO BUY IT. DOO EET.
  • My GURPS supers campaign began on January 11th, 2016 as planned. It grew from one online group and my face to face group to THREE online groups and my face to face group. I’ve started a wiki, a think tank, and a bunch of other Aeon-related initiatives. You can read the session recaps here. It’s been a lot of work tying all the games and characters together, but if I can see it to completion it will be a heck of an accomplishment. I plan to have it wrapped up by the end of the year. I plan on putting out a little something special later on.
  • I ended up in my new quarters (a small 264 sq. ft. efficiency). They’re attached to my mother’s home and I’ve become quite comfortable here. I really can’t think my mother enough for having them built for me. Given my physical issues I can never live alone, but she’s made it so that I can have my privacy. I need to finish up a few more things (mostly hang shelves and TVs and the like).
  • I’m going to GENCON 2017!!!! First con ever out of the state. So excited. More on this later.

The Bad (What I could have done better or had no control over)

  • I had to downsize the total time I am involved on the Steve Jackson Games forums due to lack of time (yay paying work!) and a few personal concerns. I haven’t been back yet in any capacity other than announcing new blog posts and as of right now I’m not sure if I will be.
  • I didn’t publish anything in the fiction market in 2016. Really not pleased with myself about this. I should have tried harder. Here’s hoping 2017 does the trick.
  • I’ve still continued to blog at a steady rate of about 2 posts per week. I really should try to do more, but I’ve been extremely busy to such a degree that it almost seems impossible to squeeze out more than that.
  • Physical Health: My weight continues to seesaw and the doctors think that could be due to a number of reasons – mostly that my metabolic rate is constantly in flux. I’ve managed to keep up with the dietary requirements for my diabetes and polycythemia and I recently received my first non-PICC line phlebotomy.  My doctor has been steadily working on my case. My overall pain has increased and the scar tissue on my leg throbs something awful.
  • I had one or two private project contracts this year for GURPS, but I’ve kept it down below 5,000 words – I don’t want projects that are bigger at the moment. I still feel terrible about the last one I took on that failed (though that may be worked into a GURPS supplement anyways).

The Ugly (I don’t know how to categorize this or too early to tell)

  • Still haven’t done NaNoWriMo. Id on’t think I will be. Not for a while at least. No time.
  • I’m still deciding on full adventures for GURPS. I’ve not done any yet, but released a few mini encounters and such.
  • The ending of Aeon is a bit up in the air and I’ve got it marked down to a possible few scenarios. Likely, I’ll let the players decide which and go from there. 
  • Dungeon Grappling indexing was a warm-up to Doug’s “Dragon Hersey” indexing. Both books are around 450 pages. It’s a massive project and I begin working on it at the end of the month. It should occupy most of my time for a good long while. I’m putting this here because I’ve never indexed a project this large. Even with Doug’s coddling and assurances I feel almost like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’ll do it regardless. But I remain apprehensive.
  • I’ve decided to get into the DnD 5e scene. A friend of mine has loaned me the books to read to make sure I want to do this so I’m not out of money. Still reading the PHB, but so far…I like it. It’s really quite good and I feel a bit silly for not reading it sooner.
Like my previous years, there was more good than bad and it was overall a good year. Like 2015, 2016 was not the year of “Some Day” as I had hoped. I want 2017 to be that year. I’m making it a priority to be so. 2016 didn’t slow down as much as I would have liked, but I kept up and I seized every opportunity that came to me. In 2017 I will continue to seize those opportunities as they appear and make my own way.

So for 2017 I’ve set the following goals for myself:

  • Publish fiction that’s at least 5,000 words long either via self-publishing or through a company.
  • Finish the Aeon campaign up
  • Propose and (hopefully) write another GURPS supplement or two.
  • Write and publish at least eight Pyramid articles.
  • Maintain my obligations for freelancing.
  • Continue to deliver Patreon content to all patrons.
  • Continue to blog at least twice per week.
  • Finish up any outstanding projects on my quarters.
  • Begin outlining or writing a proposal for DnD 5e.
  • Get to GENCON 2017 and have fun!
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