Carpe Blogiem: A New Chronicle Part II

In the previous post we talked about the rules of the campaign world. This time I want talk about the players and their characters. Now to the rosters!

A-Team Lineup
The A-Team are set at a minimum of 400 points and they will be dealing with all manner of things. They are part of a private investigative firm owned by one of the PCs. I expect everything from monster hunting to dealing with mundane crimes. This group is probably halfway through their first prequel season already.

  • Annalise “Annie” M. Murphy (played by +Ann LS): Exorcist extraordinaire, sorcerer, psychic, twice cursed and twice blessed monster hunter. Ex-Gladius Dei. The Murphy. Talks to God, sometimes He talks back.
  • Dr. Francesco “Frankie” Novella (played by +Troy Loy): Doctor and accidental hero. Surgeon with a shotgun. Unflappable. Logical. Sometimes literal. No sense of humor. Always capable.
  • Sir Al-Shams mac Lannageal aka Al MacLannageal (played by +Christian Gelacio): Man out of time. The Last Templar Knight. Warrior. Scholar. Sorcerer. Carries the Blood of Solomon and is the benighted grandchild of (the Goddess) Brigid.
  • Nimbus (NPC Ally): An old (around 200 years) tulpa whose preferred form is a housecat, but can also shapeshift into a car (a silver Duesenberg Model-J), a horse (with a pale pale coat), and a plethora of other forms. It’s been a housecat too long and thinks its a cat most of the time, not a spirit being.
  • Ronan Sloane aka the Gunslinger (NPC Ally): Dullahan (an undead being of incredible power). Gunfighter. Killer. Sorcerer. A monster who hunts monsters. Bad man.
  • William Stark (NPC Ally): Sworn protector of Youko. Swordsman. Monster Hunter. Old fart. 
  • Youko Muramasa (played by +Natiel Leealexander): A powerful enchanter capable of creating just bout anything as well as a blacksmith of no small skill. Hidden from the world because of her gifts.

B-Team Lineup
The B-Team is using a gaming technique I pioneered in the Aeon A-Team’s game: come up with a beginning point total (300 points) and then divide it so that PCs get a certain bonus of points every time skip. This way, the PCs start off small (in this case, literally – they are role playing kids) and grow. We settled on four time skips total (one about every two game years) which will last between 1-3 sessions each. So the B-Team prequel season will detail their climb into competent heroes. All PCs share a single event: the mass murder of their loved ones in their neighborhood . . . but they survived. Why? They are also all in the same foster home.

  • Amos M. Humiston (played by +Christopher D): The smart kid, Amos is quiet, but has a photographic memory and is very intelligent for his age. He collects POGs and comic books.
  • Gabriel F. McAllister (played by +Douglas Cole): Gabriel is the worldly one. His parents dragged him all over Hell and creation. He’s big. He’s buff. He’s got a wide array of more useful “adult” skills and can easily defend himself.
  • Kamali M. “Wingz” Blackshear (played by +GodBeastX): Wingz is the one with potential (he’s a very gifted artist), but he’s got one foot on the wrong side street and the other on the right. He’s also the only starting PC with powers (he’s a psychic sensitive) and will be a good leader when he grows up.
  • Lorenzo J. de Moduco (played by +Christian Gelacio): Lorenzo is the popular kid. The drama kid. He’s got the highest non-combat skill in the group (Singing of 17!) and is effectively the face man.
  • Timothy I. Mitchell (played by +Ignus Pyre): Is the bad kid. The one with both feet on the street. He’s mean as hell and a brawler. There’s something just not quite right about him . . . but hey, Tim is Tim.

C-Team Lineup
The C-Team are 400 point characters with about 80 points already chosen for them – they are all sorcerers (extrinsic magic-users with Ritual Adept). The premise is they’ve yet to go through their Trails (where sorcerers are tested to see if they can handle the rigors of the life they were born to). This will form the bulk of their prequel season.

  • Agrivain Tashaslan (played by +Travis Ellis): The man with the plan behind the man on the throne. Tactical planner, mastermind, and general genius.
  • Cormac McAllister (played by +Mavrick Fitzgerald): Cormac is a faerie “knight” from Underhill, master of the Autumn Road (Ley Tunnels), and knower of ways – seen or unseen.
  • Landon Winchester (played by +Alex Raymond): He is the 1%. Swagger for days. Oathmaker (think a magical lawyer), lawyer, face man, and talker.
  • Mike Bastian (played by +Andre Sobral): A battle mage of the highest degree (And not much else), Mike is also one of the few blessed by Heaven and heir to a lost House within the Conclave.
  • Yanay Servantes (played by +Annia Zzacchi ): A beautiful and alluring Incan witch and worshipper of Mama Killa. Yanay is perhaps the more “generalist” of the characters and thus has more magical capability than others.

Picking Over the Bones
And that’s it. I’ll likely come back at some point with information on NPCs that have developed through game play. So far I’m very happy with the player character line-up. we’ll see if I remain that way.

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