Carpe Blogiem: Aeon Handouts I

So one of the things that I enjoy doing as a GM is creating handouts. Now, before the Digital Age this involved painstakingly hand drawn creations (possibly “aged” with coffee or tea) and it often consumed my time as much as actually planning the game did. Well, these days you can create even more fantastic handouts in digital form with a little bit of imagination and some work. Today’s post is a sample of a 17 page document of an in-game magazine – the Extramundane Observer. The purpose of this handout is to essentially give leads and possible plots to all Aeon players, while also providing exposition that doesn’t eat up valuable play time.

Now, like most GMs I couldn’t have done this without help. So I’d like to formally thank +Scott Rochat+Kyle Norton+Mavrick Fitzgerald , +Troy Loy, and +Jason Packer for putting together material I could use.

Go here to get a sample of the document or become a Patreon patron for the whole thing.

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