Carpe Blogiem: Aeon Team Rosters – Part V

As in the previous posts (see herehere, here, and here) I’m talking about my Aeon campaign and the various teams within it.

State of the V-Team
Newly assembled and ready to kick butt, the V-Team consist of characters from a previous (abaonded) supers campaign. A lot of Aeon is built from that world (and one other) and this team is a big example of that. After the A-Team settled out I gave my face to face group three options for the next group. They ended up choosing to create (or recreate) heroes who are a part of “the Valiants” the first superhero group to sign up for the MAPS program. The Valiants are one of the foremost groups of metahumans on the planet and have been in Aeon-lore right from the beginning (though it’s been tweaked here and there). Led by the invulnerable “Artillery” the Valiants decided to field two response teams in 2014. The PCs comprise of the newest team, while Artillery leads the older one. (Yes, there are in-game reasons why this is and it’ll be explained with time).

Like all new teams I’ve NPCs I’ve put together to interact with the PCs – but I’ve no idea if they will take a liking to them. PCs are fickle beasts after all.

You’ll be able to read about the V-Team’s current exploits from this page.

Scale: National and limited global (the V-Team works out of New York City as a part of the MAPS program, but also for AEGIS on dangerous field ops).
Basic Campaign Concept (season 1 to present): PCs protect the city they’ve grown to love while trying to live a normal life at the same time.
Point Range: 1,000 points to 3,400 points.

The V-Team consists of 4 players and 6 NPCs.

Alicia I. Milam aka Howler (NPC): The youngest member of the team – Howler is a 16 year old orphan with a chip on her shoulder. Recruited by Sigyn after they found the angry teen beating up pimps and drug dealers in Newark. Alicia or Leece, has a singlur metahuman ability, one which makes her incredibly dangerous. She has perfect physical coordination – she could throw a penny into a penny-sized hole thirty feet away or juggle chainsaws – all without difficulty. She looks up to both Sigyn and Ciera as the mother/older sister she never had.

Ciera A. Maeweather aka Weather Girl (Played by +Christian Gelacio): Ciera Maeweather grew up in Haiti with her rather large extended family. This was partly due to the fact that she and her siblings exhibited their abilities early on (and before the TAP) and partly because her father owned an estate on the south side of the island. She moved to the States in her teens and became fast friends with Sigyn. When AEGIS formed the Valiants they tapped her to be one of the inaugural members. She’s also the News Channel 4 meteorologist and a widely known celebrity. Her powers allow her to manipulate the weather in all its forms as well as earthquakes and tsunamis. Like Sigyn, she’s an “open” hero and is the second in command.

Caitlin Baker aka Crystal (NPC): Caitlin was discovered by AEGIS during the A-Team episode “Mirror, Mirror” and has several children by the Alchemist (her beau). She has the ability to manipulate, control, turn into, and create glass. While this doesn’t sound particularly flashy when you live in a big city nearly everything is made of glass. Caitlin is considered a reserve member of Sigyn’s team at the moment due to the fact that she’s pregnant. When active she’s considered one of the hardest hitters (her crystalline form is extremely tough and akin to a Prince Rupert’s Drop with the “tail” being within her) and is a D-Scale metahuman.

Janos K. “John” Memonovic aka Doctor Mnemonic (Played by +Troy Loy): Janos Memonovic (better known by his moniker “Dr. Mnemonic”) is old. He’s been around since the latter part of the 19th century and was a part of the original Marauders team. He’s not an open hero and hides his identity with a “steampunk” costume and set-up. His primary abilities are increased intelligence (the longer he works on a problem the smarter he gets) and memory (he can memorize others movements, books, etc.). Due to his age he is also highly skilled at a multitude of tasks (including medicine which he excels at) and is a highly capable combatant.

Kisping Locke aka Burnout (NPC): The youngest of the Locke children, Kisping or Kisp possessed fire powers like his older sister, and like his older brother was a Savant-class metahuman (those possessing technical knowhow or increased intelligence/task aptitude). This all changed when the Mirror (under the influence of the then “Dreamweaver” and now “Sandman”) mimicked his powers it somehow drained them. The Mirror, also mimicking the Artillery’s powers (strength, endurance, and other “archetype” powers) and driven mad by the sight of his hated foe, literally ripped Kisp limb from limb. Somehow surviving, Kisp was on life support for months even accounting for his Scion healing factor. When he came out of it he wasn’t himself anymore. The cheerful happy-go-lucky young man was gone and a cynical, misanthropic bastard took his place. Despite all he’s been through Kisp still considers himself part of the Valiants and usually works Ops for the field teams (often with the help of the Ratpack, see below) by running drones, surveillance, hacking, etc.
Lucian A. de Keye aka Warlock (NPC): Lucian (or Lu as he prefers to be called) is both a metahuman and a sorceror. The latter is due to the nature of his metahuman power: he can control darkness. This is often viewed as a “villainous” power – much like Blackout (a rogue metahuman with similiar abilities). He therefore tries not to use it often and instead makes use of numerous spells he’s learned from various books of magic and those he could convince to teach him. Because of this he’s one of the more versatile members of the Valiants. This doesn’t mean he won’t use his “umbrakinesis” – it’s been the turning point in many fights because most foes forget he can even do it. He does use shadows to create swords, armor, and other constructs when need be. Lucian is in a relationship with Sigyn.

Riki-Tiki-Tavi (NPC): An Ivory Labs “Doolittler” (an altered animal like Yukio from B-Team), Riki-Tiki-Tavi or “Tiki” is a semi-sapient mongoose with obsession for anything sweet – but especially cookies. His bite is extremely dangerous and induces a hemolytic toxin that ceases a body’s ability to clot. Moreover he’s fast, can track a target over miles, and heals extremely rapidly. Tiki is rarely far from Sigyn’s side and often provides a distraction for her in combat thanks to his rapid reflexes. He’s a prototype of the Doolittle program for enhancing the intelligence of animals. It just happened to work quite well.

Shara Al-Hadid aka Velocity (NPC): Shara was born in Malian, Iran to a large and loving family. Exposed to waste from the joint Iran-Russian project (code-named “Tunuvat Atar” by Iran – though the Russians called it “Zhar-Ptitsa”) she developed powers. Shara has the ability to control the speed of herself and objects (but not others). Anything that she propels can break the sound barrier. Shara is typical of most metahumans in that she possesses a singular (if powerful) ability.

Sigyn A. “Ginny” Locke aka Valkyrie (Played by +Ann LS): Sigyn (See-gin) is an “open” hero who has metahuman abilities (she’s a pyro- and chronokinetic), magic, and a battlesuit (which her brother Kisping designed for her). Her battlesuit is strong enough to take on most “bricks” and gives her a huge edge in most fights. Her fire powers (light powers?) are mostly “standard” fare, but she is capable of projectile a bolt of superheated plasma so hot it can melt stone. Her temporal abilities (and it should be noted she’s one of FIVE individuals with such authorized powers) allow her to temporarily speed herself, “read” the time stream (a form of retro- and precognition), and rewind time. Theoretically, the latter ability should have sent her on a one way ticket to Scarlet Bay (what Guantanamo Bay become) to live out her life in a chemically induced coma or possibly killed. But her ability is limited to at most ten minutes and she’s passed numerous ethics evaluations by mind readers, psychologists, and even precogs. After the death of her brother, Harley, she became the heir (a position she never really wanted) to the Locke family fortune (Locke Industries is a billion dollar a year company and employs millions). Ginny struggles with the task of being a hero, having a normal life, and heading up Locke Industries as its Chief Operating Officer. She leads one of the Valiants response teams (Artillery leads the other) and is one of the first and preeminent heroes of the city.

Sophia O. Saki aka Silkworm (Played by +Natiel Leealexander): Sophia is one of three siblings (“Weaver” and “Material Girl”) who all have the ability to control fabric to one degree or another. Sophia’s shtick is being able to manipulate it, specifically, being able to manipulate cloth in such a way as to form extra limbs she can use to manipulate or attack people with. Given her “limbs” are over 10 yards long and strong enough to lift over 14 tons that makes her highly capable. She can also transform fabric slightly, and can’t create fabric at all. Her costume comes with six 30 ft “streamers” of cloth that wrap around her when not in use giving the impression that she’s wearing a VERY thick sweater.
The Ratpack (NPCs): The Ratpack consists of a five Ivory Labs-enhanced rodents (they are about a pound each and a foot long and resemble common brown rats). Borrowing traits from multiple rodents and other animals, the Ratpack was meant to serve as the assassins, spies, and infiltration experts of the Doolittle program. Unfortunately, the rodents developed a conscience and couldn’t be made to kill. When Ivory Labs tried to destroy them and start over they escaped and found Sigyn who lead a raid on the place. Recognizing their intelligence and personhood (despite their outward appearance) she let them stay in Locke Tower. They grew obsessed with Frank Sinatra movies and took the names and mannerisms of the Ratpack. “Frank” is the squad leader and is strangely charismatic (for a rodent). Dean is the heavy weapons expert and he’s big (20″ long). Sammy is the computer intrusion specialist. Petey is the explosives and demo expert and is a bit of a pyromaniac. Joey is the comms and cryptography expert and is quiet and shy (and borderline autistic). Together they are a formidable force the equal of any special ops team.

Picking Over the Bones
My players decided early on that they wanted multiple team members already established going into the campaign. This was to shore of an absences of players and to enable a player to rapidly take over another character if something happened to their main character. It’s sort of like troupe play where each player has multiple characters, but only as a contingency. The roster might change between now and actual play, but so far this is what I got.

I might detail up the second response team for the Valiants later on. So far (really quick) the team consists of: The Artillery (super strong, fast, capable of flight, invulnerable – he can take direct fire from tanks and tactical bombs with no damage, and capable of emitting energy blasts from his eyes that can melt tanks), Delight (emits a field that causes pleasure and makes others susceptible to her commands), and Omniray (technopath with a battlesuit), Sabre (emits energy blades). I’ll probably add more to that later to round the team out some.

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  1. Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but this reminds me very much of the Wild Cards series. The character designs as well. And this is a good thing. I think I read about 10 of those novels. They were rad.

  2. Thanks! Wild Cards was definitely one of the influences. Aeon has ended (for now). The first part of the over arc has played out with the fate of the three teams uncertain and the world hanging in the balance.

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