Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – April 2021


Authorial Highlights

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: ??? aka Marl Ankh-3 is fully in the hands of SJGames and is now on the current playtest queue.
  • GURPS Realm Management aka SNO-51 has sold over 500 copies in its first month. That’s not bad at all.
  • Nibelung aka Nordlond Magic Items – is still being stewed upon.
  • Invincible-13 is 80% done with the first draft as of this post. Unfortunately, I have about 80% more to say. Squeezing it in word limits is gonna be hard.
  • I currently have three outstanding contracts: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: ???, Invincible-13,  and Nibelung.

Blog Highlights

  • Blog entries have been around 1-2 per week.
  • Mumble mumble designer specs for headers mumble mumble. This is being worked on behind the scenes, it’s just taking some time.
  • Working on doing a facelift for the blog. Gonna roll that out as soon as I’m satisfied.

Patreon Highlights

  • Patreon remained on track for April. Still releasing them to schedule.
  • I gained two new patrons and one upped pledges. I lost two patrons.
  • Still using a voting mechanic for Patreon Specials – still not getting more than 30% to 45% of patrons to vote. Still no idea how to increase that. Ideas still welcome.
  • My “monthly goals and rewards” for my blog/Patreon didn’t work out that well this month: GURPSers don’t do much social media I guess. I’ll need to figure out what to do there because I need to spread out knowledge of my Patron if I intend to grow.
  • No fiction was released during April either, the trend did not end. I remain disappoint.

Miscellaneous Related News

  • My wuxia fantasy campaign, “Ten Thousand Jade Petals” has finished. I’m working on my next campaign “A Thousand Tiny Gods” and that should roll out mid-May or abouts there..
  • My personal life imploded at the end of November. If you want to read about it check out my Twitter. It’s starting to clear up, but good Gawd what a terrible time we’ve had. Sigh.
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