Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – August and September 2022


Authorial Highlights

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves aka Marl Ankh-3 is in the hands of Steve Jackson Games.
  • I continue to outline a novel about superheroes. Can’t decide if I want to do a single viewpoint or multiple. Both have merits.
  • GURPS Whatchamacallit is proceeding at a pace and is currently at 86% done for the first draft. I finished the first three chapters and only examples remain. It’s been going very well. Had to take a month off of it because I was doing a lot of “head-writing” but I should be finished very soon and then I can edit the bejeebus out of it. I have recruited two folks outside my immediate circle in Headhunters that I believe can be trusted to give it a real shakedown. I also have about 3,000 more words than I thought and about 3 extra weeks to get things done. Should be fairly easy at this stage.
  • The Fantasy Trip Quick Quest “The Gallery of Hands” is at about 2,000 words at the moment and fairly solid. Just need to get another 500 words in and then edits, edits, and more edits.
  • I wrote a 2,000 word article for The Fantasy Trip fanzine GATE – currently being crowdfunded. That’s submitted.
  • wrote a 2,000 word article for The Fantasy Trip’s Hexagram magazine called “Inns and Taverns” – currently crowdfunded and published.
  • I wrote another 2,000 word article for The Fantasy Trip’s Hexagram magazineusing the bad luck die as a prompt. That’s submitted.
  • I created a dice game using Steve Jackson Games Circuit Dice with my nephews. I’m still refining the rules, but it’s something I might pitch at some point and I want it finished and in a format that others can see and examine.
  • I currently have seven outstanding contracts/jobs: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves, my GATE entry, another Hexagram entry, a TFT Quick Quest, the dice game, untitled fiction project, and GURPS Whatchamacallit.
  • Total wordcount this last two months was 14,000 new words – about 35% of what I’d expect. Lot of revising and editing in both months. I spent a huge amount of time fixing things and rewriting. The reward though? Compacted. but still easy to understand information and better structuring throughout multiple projects.

Blog Highlights

  • Blog entries have been around 0 per week – this month has remained SUPER stressful and I barely kept up with my authorial workload.
  • Working on doing a facelift for the blog. Gonna roll that out as soon as I’m satisfied.
  • Wrote a few new entries to be posted later.

Patreon Highlights

  • Patreon remained on track for the month. Still releasing them to schedule.
  • I gained 3 patrons in August and 1 in September.
  • No fiction again, but SOON. Oh, yes. SOON.

Miscellaneous Related News

  • Aeon has seen a combined 16 sessions now for for B- and C-Teams and the players still seem to be having a lot of fun.
  • I recruited someone new for my thinktank in the Headhunters and possibly as a player. We’ll see what the others think of him.
  • I had a birthday part on the 16th of September. I turned 40. First birthday party in about 20 years. I had cake. Two friends came from out of town to celebrate with me. My immediate family was there and of course my best friend and girlfriend. It was really nice. We grilled. We laughed. I got presents. Especially the best one: being with people I love.
  • I got into the Virginia Board of Workforce Development program. Guys, I’m going back to school (for a bit anyways). Hoping to up the more technical aspects of my freelancing game. Plus, they pay you to take the courses.
  • I got to play a lot of games with my nephews and they helped me get ready for my out of town guests and cleaned my room top to bottom. I made sure I paid them and they seemed happy with that. I was just happy they helped as much as they did and were happy to do it.
  • My nephew (Thing 1) is raising funds for his cross-country track team. Any donation would be a big help.
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