Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – August, September, and October 2020


Authorial Highlights

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: ??? aka Marl Ankh-3 is now in my hands with comments from Sean. I’ll be working on this in November
  • GURPS Realm Management aka SNO-51 is in the hands of SJGames. It has had it’s final editorial review and is in production for layout with Nikki.
  • Nordlond Nibelung aka Nordlond Magic Items – has been reviewed by Douglas Cole and is back with me. I’ll be considering how to address the issues he’s brought up, but I want to stew on it for a while.
  • Calypso-4 is 2/3rds of the way done and is in the hands of Doug.
  • I currently have six outstanding contracts: GURPS Realm Management, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: ???, Calypso-4 (Roc of Sages, The Catacombs of Living Death, and The Sunken Library), and Nibelung (Nordland Magic Items).

Blog Highlights

  • Blog entries have been around 2-3 per week. Better than before.
  • Mumble mumble designer specs for headers mumble mumble.

Patreon Highlights

  • Patreon remained on track for August, September, and October. Still releasing them to schedule.
  • I gained lost five patrons and gained two; I also had a top tier patron modify their pledge amount downward (hopefully not permanently according to them). That loss hurt.
  • I remain aware COVID-19 is impacting some folks ability to pledge and I hold no grudges if you have to cancel. Believe me, I know all about tightening the belt. For those who stay – thank you. You make writing a possible thing for me.
  • Still using a voting mechanic for Patreon Specials – still not getting more than 30% to 45% of patrons to vote. Still no idea how to increase that.
  • No fiction was released during August, September, or October. 🙁

Miscellaneous Related News

  • My wuxia fantasy campaign, “Ten Thousand Jade Petals” remains nicely on track. C-Team hasn’t met since August because of schedule conflicts. SIGH. B-Team got their reboot and we’re chugging right along. Currently, they are stuck in the middle of a city without resources from their Patron and are going to have to stop some neferious plotting by some demon-summoning mages. Should be fun. A-Team’s characters are all done except for one and that one should be done this week.
  • I got my break (from August 6th to October 6th) and all I can say is I need another one. I’m a lot less frayed, but I could still use some more time off from things. Maybe next year sometime.
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