Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – December 2021


Authorial Highlights

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves aka Marl Ankh-3 is in the hands of Steve Jackson Games.
  • I I need to do some finishing up of that novel I wrote and then fridge it for a few months before going back to it and revise/edit it. We’ll see how I feel about it then. Still feeling pretty positive about it to be honest.
  • I currently have one outstanding contract: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves.
  • I haven’t submitted the proposal for a GURPS book I want to write yet. Maybe after Thieves is turned in and my life is less crazy.

Blog Highlights

  • Blog entries have been around 0 per week. There is still too much going on. 🙁
  • SUCCESS! I have all new headers! Be on the look out for them.
  • Working on doing a facelift for the blog. Gonna roll that out as soon as I’m satisfied.

Patreon Highlights

  • Patreon remained on track for the month. Still releasing them to schedule.
  • I gained five patrons in December.
  • Still using a voting mechanic for Patreon Specials – still not getting more than 30% to 45% of patrons to vote. Still no idea how to increase that.
  • I’m starting to wonder if the “monthly goals and rewards” are worth having around. Seems like extra work for not much response.
  • No fiction was released during December either. The trend still did not end.

Miscellaneous Related News

  • My campaign “A Thousand Tiny Gods” was put on hold for December do to holidays and people being unable to regularly attend games. That was fine by me as I got a chance to think about how I want things to go. That’ll come back soon as people’s after holiday’s schedules stabilize.
  • Since that was on hold I’ve been running a couple of multi-shoot campaigns – horror shorts. Those have been going good to be honest. Been running basically every other day through the holidays since I need a lot of distraction right now. Might use those as alt-campaigns on nights when the main game cannot be played.
  • A member of my gaming group passed away and my uncle is now considered terminal. Plus a bunch of other crap including my family catching COVID-19, both types of flu, and URIs. It’s been to put it bluntly, rough. We’re getting through though. I somehow managed to avoid getting sick at all. It’s especially ironic as we (as a family) did everything right: vaccines, boosters, double-masking, social distancing, staying home unless need required, and so on. And we still caught it at our little get together. Omicron is stupid infectious. Avoid people out of your circle if you can.
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