Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – July 2020


Authorial Highlights

  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: ??? aka Marl Ankh-3 remains in the hands of SJ Games. It needs its first editorial review.
  • GURPS Realm Management aka SNO-51 is in the hands of SJGames. It awaits final editorial review.
  • Nordland Nibelung aka Nordland Magic Items – is finished and with Douglas Cole for editorial review.
  • GURPS Monster Hunters Encounters 1, GURPS Horror: Beyond the Pale, and How to Be a GURPS GM: Ritual Path Magic were put of GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge Kickstarter which funded big time at $57,663. They are starting to appear in the hands of those who have done their Backerkit Survey. If you haven’t done your survey you should! They are holding it open only till the end of August. After that they’ll bounce you so get in there and do it.
  • More Perilous Journeys funded well too at $32,320. This marks four kickstarters I’ve been a part of that have done decent to fantastic.
  • My edit/format of the remaining Calypso-4 books was…not great. This was for a lot of reasons, but I let my professional life crash along from my personal problems and created work for Doug. For that, I’m publically saying, “Sorry, Doug. I’ll do better next time.”
  • I currently have six outstanding contracts: GURPS Realm Management, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: ???, Calypso-4 (Roc of Sages, The Catacombs of Living Death, and The Sunken Library), and Nibelung (Nordland Magic Items).

Blog Highlights

  • Blog entries have been around 0 per week. 🙁
  • Mumble mumble designer specs for headers mumble mumble.

Patreon Highlights

  • Patreon remained on track for July. Still releasing them to schedule.
  • I gained three new patrons at the lower tiers and lost one of my big patrons at the higher tiers. That loss hurt.
  • I aware COVID-19 is impacting some folks ability to pledge and I hold no grudges if you have to cancel. Believe me, I know all about tightening the belt. For those who stay – thank you. You make writing a possible thing for me.
  • Still using a voting mechanic for Patreon Specials – still not getting more than 30% to 45% of patrons to vote. Still no idea how to increase that.
  • No fiction was released during July. 🙁
  • (Keeping this Note from last time): Patreon started charging sales tax on most everyone’s works. It’s about 6% for Virginia (where I live). So $0.06 to the dollar – but it’s still money my patrons lose. Still considering how to (legally) lower that via classification of my work on the site. This will take effect on July 1st.

Miscellaneous Related News

  • My new campaign, “Ten Thousand Jade Petals” is coming along nicely. C-Team still suffers the curse of PK’s Revenge. I call it this because PK joined up in my gaming group and played for several sessions then had to drop out. I haven’t been able to keep a real steady roster for that team or session since. I lost something like 20 players from 2016 to now. It’s a bit of a inside joke…but it’s also true. My significant other is going to be joining C-Team at some point and hopefully we can end the curse of PK’s Revenge. 🙂 B-Team got a reboot from their current characters to something else. This time they are taking the role of students at a monastery learning martial arts and methods of cultivation (chi powers and magic). Should be fun. A-Team still needs to get its stuff together – I’ve been remiss on this and it’s clearly my fault for making the time.
  • After August 5th I’m going to take a break from writing for a month or a few months. I’ll be back by October at the latest. During this time I won’t be reading emails, DMs, forum posts, or working on anything writing related except the stuff I want (probably my campaign stuff). I need the break. Badly.
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