Carpe Blogiem: GURPS Discord

Happy GURPSday! So +Mook Wilson has talked about GURPS Discord on his blog and now I have to do the same. The unofficial GURPS Discord Channel is incredibly useful. There are dozens of users now and I’m not afraid to say I’m one of them. I signed onto the server as soon as Mook put up the link and I really haven’t regretted it yet. It’s not the forums, but it’s different – in a good way. The instantaneous interaction between users brings the best parts of the old chatroom interfaces that I loved so much without having to deal with random jerks that I so frakking hated.

The people up there are either (GURPS) knowledgeable, friendly, or both. I know Mook is a fellow author up there and +Douglas Cole has popped in once or twice. So go check it out. Join the community that’s starting to really grow.

On a more personal note I started using it for my own games – my mailing lists are great and all, but that “instantaneous interaction” is a damn useful thing. Each gaming group gets its own channel and my think tank members get one for themselves too. Some folks are already starting to use it to run games and I think that’s just awesome.

And really, you can’t get any more discordian in an RPG than GURPS, can you?

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