Carpe Blogiem: My Laptop Has Died


        My laptop has died. It kicked the bucket at around 10pm yesterday and I’ve been unable to revive it since. I have no clue when I’ll be able to get the blog back up and running as I’m typing this from my phone. I hate to ask this, but I need help and my livelihood is on the line as well as my home (I pay a good chunk of the bills with my writing). If any of you can, please please donate to my PayPal I’d really appreciate it. My paypal account is (empererofthemoon AT peoplepc DOT com). I hate asking for help…but I need it and I’m not too proud. I’m grateful to any of you who donate.


Christopher. R. Rice

Edit: Having borrowed a computer, I can expand this a bit (as Douglas Cole has pointed out). I basically need a large laptop with a full-size keyboard – a 17″ which is what I have now. I can’t use a desktop for multiple reasons, but mainly because I’m either at home or constantly on the move and my work has to go with me. I have freakishly long arms and it physically hurts me when I used anything smaller considering how long I type at a time (sometimes for four plus hours). Staples seems to have a good deal for $600ish. I’ve got barely one-twelfth of what I need on-hand and I won’t lie – not working is driving me nuts as is the thought of failing my family. So there, that’s what I’m trying to do. Maybe get the newer version of Microsoft office. Other than that…I’d just be happy with something I could use and work on.

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  1. *gets coffee* *reads email on phone* **reads message from Paypal* *looks at Paypal balance* *starts bawling like a baby* Guys…I… Thank you. All of you. You didn't have to do what you did. I stand in awe of your generosity and the faith you have in me. Thank you so much. For all of those who gave, supported, or whispered encouraging things. Again, thank you. I'm gonna go have a good cry and drink a cuppa tea.

  2. Whats up with 600? I just paid 600 November in roof repairs! I got paid today, so I sent you all the leftover money in my account from last month. It will at least buy you a cup of coffee if you go cheap

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