Carpe Blogiem: Patreon Goals for April 2021

This month’s goals are a bit late – I had a lot going on and I honestly forget. So this month’s a simple one:

  • Share and Share a Lot: This month I’m looking for both Patreons and my server’s Discordians to share either my blog or my Patreon on social media. I’m looking for 20 shares on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, whatever. (Send me links or tag me so I can see that it’s been shared). You can also share your favorite post I’ve done instead of just my homepage on my blog if you so desire. If we get the twenty I’ll release your choice of new RPM magic spells, new Sorcery spells, or new standard Magic spells in a Patreon Special form. If we get 50 or more shares I’ll release something else (to be determined).

And that’s it! Spread this post and spread the word. The more folks we have jump on the more stuff I’ll make.

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