Carpe Blogiem: The Chronicles of Ceteri Primer – Introduction

After doing a bit of crowdsourcing to find out if people would interested in a (mostly) brief overview of my modern day secret magic/urban fantasy campaign the Chronicles of Ceteri I’ve decided to do just that. So first, here’s what my session recap page has to say (I’ve reprinted it here because it’s short and gets to the point):

The everyday plodding along of life hides something fantastic and terrifying. Beyond the veneer of mundane existence lies the world of the ceteri. A world full of wonder. A world full of fear. A world of impossible possibilities. This is the world that the Conclave has been hiding for millennia. The world that any logical, sane person would say is the result of too many bad movies, too many drugs, or too much drink. Or maybe they’ve just gone mad. This is the world of vampires and werewolves, of angels and demons, where Heaven and Hell are around every corner. Where ancient inhuman beings vie for power. Where sorcerers use magic to change the world around them. Where psychics send their souls outward to play in the aether. Where miracles happen to the devout. Where all your sins are laid bare. Where monster hunters battle with monsters and sometimes become the thing they hate. This is their world, we just happen to live in it . . .

In this series I’m going to cover (briefly) the campaign world, the various factions, paranormal abilities, the current roster of teams that are active in the setting, and the current world as it stands. I’ll also offer tidbits here and there from the setting bible as needed to illustrate points.

Current list of topic posts is going to be:

  • Setting Assumptions
  • A brief history on the setting
  • Paranormal Powers
  • Supernatural Creatures
  • Optional Rules Being Used

I may add more later. So what’s this post about?

Kind of a promise to myself and mostly a “I’m going to do a thing” post. Even I need ways to hold myself accountable. I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked in the past six months and this gives me a good reason to finish this series – I hate leaving things undone.

It also gives me some room to think about what I need to include as well as (again) crowdsourcing ideas of things to cover from readers. Ceteri is a big world – lots of information accumulated over the years. Lots of player character actions changing things (for better or worse).

I guess that’s it. If you have things you’ve always wanted to know about Ceteri (if you’re a regular reader) this is the post to ask said question and I’ll cover it as I go.


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