Carpe Blogiem: The Middle Kingdom Primer – Final Thoughts

And here we are at the end of the primer for the Middle Kingdom. Some ideas in no particular order as I wrap this up:

  • The Action framework is ideal for this sort of game. Lots of stripped down rules and good advice. I’m probably going to use it and just go with “Action: The Middle Kingdom” for my campaign.
  • Mooks. SO MANY MOOKS. I need combat scenes of PCs just obliterating mooks one after another. More guys running in from outside. Moar mooks.
  • I flirted with Shout it Out! briefly, before I decided no. I want the campaign to be more serious than that optional rule might suggest.
  • Armor is for bad guys. PCs having some armor is ok, but xia don’t wear armor as matter of course.
  • Each PC should specialize in one chi power that is their signature power; bespoke powers are ok and add flavor. So you can have “Blackwind” as a chi power to slice at an opponent a dozen times in a second or Thunderblade to toss knives of pure meteroic force. I’m down with that.
  • PCs should have one or two martial arts styles to make them stand out against other players. Those with weapon styles should have a “back up” unarmed style because no everywhere would allow weapons.
  • All PCs get a certain number of traits for “free”: Trained by a Master/Weapon Master, Combat Reflexes, Light Walk, Flying Leap, and Concealment (all from my Chi Sorcery article).
  • All PCs should know how to fight barehanded at the least
  • All PCs should have skills not related to combat like Poetry, Housekeeping, Artist, or similiar. Perhaps even be masters at them.
  • Technology should overall be “muted” in that ancient secrets should take their place. Chi spells to signal others, Esoteric Medicine to heal wounds, and so on.
  • The wainscot fantasy aspect of the campaign won’t be apparent at first, but as the first season of the campaign progresses I’ll be playing it up more.

Picking Over the Bones

And that’s it. We’re done. Between this and my ruminations posts this is the most I’ve written publically on a campaign. Has it been interesting for you, dear reader? Boring? Get back to the crunch stuff? Or do you find such posts useful for your own campaign.

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