Carpe Blogiem: The Start of Something New

A few months back I began to work on a new GURPS campaign. I must admit, however that is isn’t entirely new, there are pieces of it that date back years into my gaming history. This is because even when I scrap a campaign I don’t toss any of the ideas associated with it – ideas can be reused and rehashed and made new. I like to think of it as intellectual shellacking. Anyways the campaign seed (that is the idea behind it) has been kicking around in my head a while. Basically the setting is weird horror, think the book/film John Dies At The End, the MMORPG The Secret World, much of the Cthulhu Mythos (but especially the Dream-Cycle), the TV show Fringe, and various movies featuring dream imagery (Inception, Paprika, Dreamscape, and the first two House movies, and so on). The premise is simple: the PCs investigate strange happenings involving supernatural things from the Dreamlands intruding into our world. The campaign takes place in two parts: Then (starting in 2000) and Now (starting in 2005). I’ll eventually get around to posting a more full campaign synopsis but for now you can read the first game session synopsis here. Please keep in mind that my game sessions last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours with half-hour breaks thrown in at key moments. I ask forgiveness ahead of time for any mistakes, grammar, etc.

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  1. fantastic stuff so far!

    My first attempt at world building will take place this Dec 1st real world time. The date: Dec 11th. The place: on a Vineyard in fictional South Pass IL as part of the Shawnee Trails Vineyards boutique winery industry. The Setup: An anticipated award winning wine has been made available for public consumption. Folks of all economic backgrounds have RSVPs to the 100 seat restaurant and are jovially engaged. Eerie lights are observed in the sky, and within a minute or two, power is lost in the restaurant.
    One patron, Philip Tinaza, is a Special Ops soldier recently returned from Yemen on a date with his furloughed best buddies sister, overhears at a table nearby someone commenting about his smart phone being completely dead.
    William Tate is a Professor in Civil Engineering from the nearby University. He witnesses the light display as he made the turn off South Pass School road approaching the uphill drive to the Winery. Rounding the final scenic curve approaching the restaurant, his Beemer dies and he rear-ends the car that was ahead of him. The passengers in that car are ok, but shaken; their Chrysler 300 with less than 1500 miles is dead too. He returns to his car, turning over the ignition. click. click-click-click. The car fails to respond in any fashion.
    Other threads will be developed as the remaining four PCs submit to me their characters.

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