Casting Lots – Part I – Game Session 4

Angelique Ashur, Jonathan Valerius Baksheesh, Maynard “Alex” Hamilton, Franklin Kasseal, & Sergei Romanova

June, 18th, 2001, 3:00 pm
46 Hours Since Kidnapping
3510 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60653
The PCs arrive at CPD headquarters just in time to begin interrogating the cell’s leader (who refuses to give his name). Franklin is given desk detail for the tip line and is eventually suspended from active duty by SAIC Winslow until he can be properly investigated as it seems he (Franklin) signed a form for the bad intel that led to the disaster that occurred at the Pale Riders clubhouse. Franklin, who has a perfect memory, knows he could not have signed it, but someone emulated his signature perfectly. Given the fact that the intelligence report was assigned to him he has no other recourse than to wait for a OPR representative to detail his case. Jon offers him some food while they begin the groundwork to help Jestinius and the others. Jestinius casts a spell so that the others can see the magic surrounding him (it took the form of a glowing noose) and with the help of Angelique and Alex begin the process of removing the restraining spell. After nearly an hour of work, the spell evaporates and the police begin interrogating him (they were under the impression that they were letting him “stew”). When that doesn’t work Angelique simply goes into the interrogation room, Alex secures the prisoners restraints, and Angelique simply raids his mind for the answers she seeks. Deciding she might need further answers later she creates a psychic imprint of his mind and stores it within her own. She asked the following questions (crowdsourced from among all the players):

  • Do you know the location of any other cells? (Yes. Two. One Burbank and another in Lockport)
  • Do you know where Nessuno is? (No. But he was supposed to get a text on a burner phone when they were supposed to meet – and where)
  • Why were you here? (To enhance recruitment for the Black Sun and acquire a manuscript)
  • Why was the book important? (He didn’t know, only that it was)

Jonathan (sticky fingers that he is) found the book underneath the stairs in a hollow compartment and hid it to show the others later. Handing it over the book turns out to be a journal of one of a merchant from Celephais who was at the Battle of the Butcher’s Stair where the rogue Dreamlord Thistrial led a band of marowit, marauders, and other rogue Dreamlords in a wholesale slaughter of the Dreamknights at the Keep On The Edge Of Forever. The last entry in the journal tells of a strange woman leading away a group of injured, oldsters, children, and trainee knights into the depths of the Keep. When Angelique touches the book, she “reads” it, but more strangely, a vision of one of her past lives surfaces, and she finds herself in the Keep itself leading a group of survivors to a room with a huge amount of stasis crystals. She then gets all the survivors inside the room, seals it with a glyph, and then vanishes like a ghost. When Angelique comes back to herself, she tells the others what she saw; they mutually agree to go to the Keep, and Jestinius uses a form of catoptric teleportation (a gate using a mirror as it’s anchor) to open a doorway to the Keep, and the PCs head down into the depths of the long-abandoned  place. Avoiding skeletons and the remains of monsters, they finally make their way to a dead-end. When Angelique touches a section of the wall a glowing sigil appears and disappears, and the wall begins to move, revealing an empty chamber filled with dozens of stasis crystals and the words “Seek Shelter.” As the PCs try to puzzle out what happened a loud noise can be heard outside…
Angelique Ashur, Jonathan Valerius Baksheesh, Maynard “Alex” Hamilton, Franklin Kasseal, & Sergei Romanova
June, 18th, 2001, 5:00 pm (Chicago Time)
48 Hours Since Kidnapping
The Keep On The Edge Of Forever, Dreamlands
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