Gamemaster’s Guidepost: Tactical Maps, Anywhere, Anytime

My best friend, C., came up with this crazy awesome way for my gaming group to make full use of even my largest map (a 4ft long monstrosity). Table space is at a premium no matter where you go unless you have a entire room devoted to gaming. What’s more is that even your kitchen table (unless you’ve got a big one) is probably not going to be able to handle larger maps easily either. So what’s a gamer on the go to do? Make space. And that’s exactly what we did. C. found some snap together wooden flooring at a thrift store which fit perfectly for our needs. It cost less than $20 and we’ve been using it for the better part of two years now. The floor panels holds up really and since it’s laminated spills and snacky crumbs are really easy to wipe up. Without further ado, some pictures:

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