The Chronicles of Ceteri – C-Team – S01E12

Dramatic Personae



We assemble at the BLA. We’ve secreted the Custos out of the Conclave HQ, but left the HQ in limbo to give us the element of surprise when we deploy the Custos.


Title Forthcoming

There’s a large pale presence outside the building- we assume that the vampiric faction helping the String-Puller has finally caught on to our hideout. Our ward stone is sending out a mental alarm to all of us.

Something is attacking the wards, and seems to be doing a good job of it. The crowd continues to swell in size, gathering up against the wards outside.

Mike grabs a sword and heads to the front door to confront the mob.

Raleigh explains a spell to Yanay, who casts it on a nearby streetlight. The light bursts into the brilliance of the sun, scorching the vampires outside. A few burn to death, followed by the rest smashing every streetlight in sight.

Raleigh crits on a perception check. Some kind of massive energy surge is coming up through the ley line. It’s an attack from a single undead practitioner, bolstered by a number of living assistants. The attacks feel like they’re backed by Conclave Training.

Raleigh warns us all that the ward is gonna get blown up, and that we should escape.

We head for an entrance into the Sewers under Boston, opting to disable the ward vs. undead so they can pour into the building and enjoy the fireworks.

Yanay creates an illusion to lure them into the building, Raleigh drops the ward, and Agrivaine times the escape to ensure that most of the vampires will get crisped.

A gigantic pillar of green fire erupts up from beneath the Brimstone Law building and shoots up into the sky. It continues to burn as we leave the sewers about a block away.

We hail a taxi and convince the driver that the gigantic green fire is a celebration display due to the Celtics winning something.

We stop by Raleigh’s apartment to raid their collection of gear and armaments. This includes getting a box of dynamite (with some sweaty nitro, even), casting a spell to stuff it into a soupcan, and then taking it with us.

We have three potential fires to put out:

Railways- The Good Duke Niallan is going to be bringing in his fairy forces via trains. We decide to assist with this personally.

Meerow Invasion- Some local sea denizens are poking the surface’s defenses to see if they’re weak. If the scouting party is unopposed, they’re going to invade the coast.. We send Aldrick to deal with it, since their future coastal attacks will threaten the werewolves.

Whale’s Jaw- Whale’s Jaw is a rock formation near Dogtown, and an exit from the Autumn Road. Securing it will prevent the baddies from being in reinforcements. Magnus and Olivia head out to deal with it.

We arrive at the railyard, taking a very peculiar train, meeting up with the Duke.

Things seem to be going well until there’s a loud stomping sound and trees snapping.

Combat breaks out as giants start attacking the trains. Mike dishes out some major damage at the start of hostilities, then doesn’t dodge a boulder hucked at his head. Thankfully he’s got a helmet which prevents it from being immediately lethal- just knockdown/stunning AND a check vs. HT to stay conscious, rather than hitting -4xHP and having to make death checks.

Aggie zaps one with a reaperbolt, injuring it quite a lot.

Raleigh flies up and drops the soupcan on a giant underneath. It stops being a soup can and becomes 20lbs of explosives, which blasts a Giant’s face right off.

The fight continues. The surviving giant rushes the train, and is taken down by a barrage of magic.

The strange train starts to eat the souls of the dead in the nearby area, which scares off the remaining fae.


We head to Dogtown, where the battle is joined.

Raleigh and Yanay both stick back at the wounded tent, defending people. Mike and Agravaine both contribute by fighting on the front.

After Action Reports/Game Notes

We didn’t get a lot done this game session because we were missing Em and got a bit of a late start. We got through what I thought would be an ugly combat fairly easily despite Mike (Andre’s character) getting his head near-crushed. I decided that the halo he took revived him . . . much to his peril later he’ll find. Raleigh continues to be annoyingly awesome – “Soup’s on!” is now a euphemism for an explosion. The giants lasted long enough to become chunky soup and that was about it.

The Ghost Train (of Aeon fame) returned to the campaign, however briefly. That was more than a bit of fun. That’s all I got. The grand finale for both teams is coming up and really I can’t wait to see what happens.


Session Soundtrack
“End of the Night” by the Doors (opening song)
“Power” by Kanye West (Mike assumes the Halo of Rhamiel)
“The Harder They Fall” by John Denver
“Long Black Train” by Josh Turner
“War Pigs” by Black Sabbath (closing song)
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