Dungeon Fantasy Aersalus – B-Team – Session 9

Dramatis Personae

  • Fyadhiel, Elven Scout (386 points) (played by +Douglas Cole): An elvish warmaster sent on a quest to be more humane. It’s not working. Tagline: “Just Damn Better than you.”
  • Gaffer, Gremian Artificer (428 points) (played by +Christopher D.): Boom Squirrel. Tagline: “Stop damaging your gear! I’m the one that has to repair it.”
  • Galen Fallowhide, Halfling Scholar (Physick)/Cleric of Healing (385 points) (player by +Christian G.): He’s a doctor (but not a cannibal) that can heal with steel. He’s small, but deadly and a bit crazy. Tagline: “How many times have I healed you? Let me count the holes.”
  • Ryeleah Lopek, Human Wizard (358 points) (played by +Merlin A.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Waraxe Mandrake, Dwarven Knight (350 points) (played by +Rob K.): A solid dwarf with miscellaneous scars and a long red beard. Usually seen in well-maintained (ahem) dwarven armor, and with Lydia, a rather large dwarven waraxe. Tagline: “Pass the beer and look out for the axe.”
  • Maxion “Twerp” Lopek, Human Cultist (Wizard) (84 points) (NPC): Twerp is a human boy (about 11, he’s not sure since his mother didn’t keep track) who dreams of one day becoming an auric knight and finally making his mother proud. Son of Ryeleah. Tagline: “Gee, I don’t know if that’s a good idea, mom.”
  • Moon Moon, Dire Wolf (156 points) (NPC): Not too bright, but strong. Sometimes forgets how to doge, such dignity, wowe. Tagline: “Woof.”

Previously . . .

As the game starts, Waraxe Mandrake, heads outside the tower to try to scrub himself clean while the rest try to figure out what they got from the kitchen delving search. Coming up with several valuable items, a pitcher made from water, a platter made from moonbeams, a skillet with reverse missiles enchanted on it. Not too enthralled with the treasure, Fyadhiel searches out more adventure and enters into the pantry of the first floor.

Inside The Tower of Ghanz, First Floor

Fyadhiel, Gaffer, Galen Fallowhide, Ryeleah Lopek, and Waraxe Mandrake
Anner (Fourth Month), 3rd, 981 F.R., 4th Hour of the Sun (10:00 am)
Taskar, Dancorra Bay, Abolethe (“The Span”)

Poking among boxes and barrels, Fyadhiel encounters the deadliest monster in the world, a mimic. Grasping at the fancy katana, the elf is forced to drop his weapon and jump back, drawing his bow and throwing out a quick arrow while Ryeleah moves into the doorway. Gaffer in an attempt to be useful tries to use his rope to grapple the taken sword but fails while Galen contemplates what to do while mimic charges into the elf and snacks on his left arm.

Twerp runs past his companions and does an Acrobatic Jump over the mimic and slashes into the wood without harming it too effectively. The elf grasps the disarmed katana while Ryeleah apportates the mimic into the air with a critical success. Gaffer fails to penetrate the chest with a bodkin point and the mimic continues to gnaw on the elf’s arm while striking at Twerp. In return, Twerp slashes at it. With a twist of the katana, Fyadhiel freezes the innards of the mimic killing it instantly with a critical that maximizes its damage.

A quick argument occurs over whether or not mimics have screws while Galen bandages the elf’s arm. Investigating the rest of the pantry, Ryeleah discovers that it’s full of otherworldly ale and pops open a bottle to drink it, turning into different colours and Gaffer digs into the Mimic to extract useful magical objects and organs.  The elf fails his Impulsiveness (6) and is drawn to a previously unopened door in the courtyard, barely able to wait for Gaffer to pop the lock before breaking through the door and poking through the objects inside inciting another Mimic into trying to bite him. In return, Fyadhiel strikes at the mimic to try to freeze it, unfortunately not doing as much damage as before.

Ryeleah starts to charge up a spell and Galen tosses energy at Fyadhiel while Twerp hears the sounds of combat and comes running. The mimic lays in wait and the elf triggers the Frostbite on his sword once more, freezing the internals once more. More digging through Mimic Guts and sometime later, they head upstairs.

Inside The Tower of Ghanz, Second Floor

Fyadhiel, Gaffer, Galen Fallowhide, Ryeleah Lopek, and Waraxe Mandrake
Anner (Fourth Month), 3rd, 981 F.R., 5th Hour of the Sun (11:00 am)
Taskar, Dancorra Bay, Abolethe (“The Span”)

Fyadhiel strides across the entryway and attempts to open the door, bravely and confidently. And is immediately met by a large amount of electricity. Gaffer investigates the door and notices that the entire door is trapped by a magical glyph that can only be disarmed by dispel magic or avoided (GM Note: magical glyphs are what I’m calling Evil Runes because not all runes are evil or made by evil beings). One successful casting later and the elf can finally charge in. Opening the door reveals a large demon bound within a magical circle. Looking for something to happen, Ryeleah speaks with the demon, learning that it has been there for far too long and if it would already be unsummoned – if the summoner was truly dead indicating that somewhere on the island, the wizard was still around. Checking a table a small distance away, they find that there’s a book on banishing demons (using the rules from Sages to cast a spell at default. A success later, it disappears from this plane of reality leaving Ryeleah drained. Gaffer investigates the only other door and finds it enchanted with a trap that triggers on sight.

Instead of gazing at the door, Gaffer instead brews up a large batch of Paut to restore fatigue to the spell casters. After a quick rest, Ryeleah manages to deduce that it was a trap that would cause Feeblemindedness (inflicting an IQ of 1 on whoever touched it) upon the one that gazes upon the glyph and dispels it. Unfortunately, the wizard manages to prick her finger upon a hidden needle and a nasty bit of Bladeblack with a horrible cyclical damage. Gaffer and Galen determines what it is as Galen heals the wizard of the poison finally allowing them into the room when a chair comes to life and attempts to bite her. The incredible comfortable chair is indeed a valiant opponent. Freezing the innards isn’t enough to take down this comfy chair and instead Ryeleah attempts to sunbolt it. It finally drops under Gaffer’s poison and coughs up a strange, (non-magical) pearl. Distracting the wizard, Gaffer slips the pearl into his pocket while Ryeleah investigates the books inside the room finding information on the feed and care of mimics (among others).

Inside The Tower of Ghanz, Third Floor

Fyadhiel, Gaffer, Galen Fallowhide, Ryeleah Lopek, and Waraxe Mandrake
Anner (Fourth Month), 3rd, 981 F.R., 6th Hour of the Sun (12:00 pm)
Taskar, Dancorra Bay, Abolethe (“The Span”)

With the floor seemingly clear, they move further up the tower into what appears to be a weapon room. The elf is drawn to a suit of armor in the corner while Gaffer is drawn to the tools on the table before him. The armor animates and grasps a weapon while Fyadhiel attacks it. Unfazed, the armor storms past them and targets Gaffer that manages to barely block the attack. In return, the squirrel grabs a bottle from his pouch and throws a bottle of Jamming Glue into the armor dropping DX by 2 and then running off.
The elf archer keeps targeting the armor but barely dents it while the squirrel keeps being targeted. Dodging the double blows of the armor, Gaffer scurries away again as Fyadhiel pincushions the armor golem and Gaffer retreats back across a table. Twerp follows from behind and slashes while his mother peppers the Golem with Lightning bolts.

The combat is furious as it keeps going back and forth throughout the room, but eventually one last Lightning Bolt from Ryeleah fries it completely, toppling it over.


Unconvinced that it was truly dead, Gaffer gets the wizard to fry it once more before he cackled in triumph and immediately went to work dismantling the armor and golem inside, delving for the monster’s heart while the others took a look at a small orb that has been plundered from the floor below, identifying it as a mimic egg. The session ends with Gaffer standing on the golem, prying at the armor with a small crowbar.

After Action Report (GM)

It’s time a new generation (or at least group) of gamers learn to fear my use of mimics in a Dungeon Fantasystyle. Is a the door a mimic? What about that tablecloth? It’s all a mimic. ALL OF IT. Enough of that aside, today’s game went much like a dungeon delve should – lots of looting, a little paranoia, and plenty of laughter. I have no idea if the PCs are heading into a higher “gear” for the campaign itself (higher gear in this context means more serious, more involved with typical background elements in Dungeon Fantasy).






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