Dungeon Fantasy Aersalus – C-Team – Session 11

Dramatis Personae

  • Hópgehnást “Keel-Breaker” Nihtbealumann, Beastly Minotaur Barbarian (404 points) (played by +Emily Smirle): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Kulvar Rholdun Uldar, Old-Blood Human Scholar/Artificer (Alchemist)/Wizard (0 points) (played by +Travis Ellis): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Nergui, Half-Orc Scout (395 points) (played by +Josh Burton): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Rashi Talonfurr, Human Cleric of Fire (404 points) (played by +Christopher D.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Ashe, Shen of Fire Skirmisher (410 points) (NPC): Likes to make things burn. Likes punch things. Likes to punch and burn things. Also, dances. Tagline: “[disconcerting giggle].”
  • Jarick Farweather, Servant (125 points) (NPC): Valet of the Tarrel family. Sone of the Valet of the Tarrel Family (and so on). Snooty. Tagline: “Would sir car for some more?”
  • Kinnmonaqro “Crow” Rikah, Half-Elf Cutpurse (0 points) (NPC): Tiny terror. Karemesie wanderer and half-breed. Tagline: “I’m small, but I’ll still cut you and you bleed just fine”
  • Luirlan Tarrel, Noble??? (??? points) (NPC): Rich. Very rich and from a noble family. Has a good heart, but acts first and thinks never. Tagline: “I’m the 8th richest man in Aramore, you know.”
  • Niranash “Nash”, Shen of Knowledge (570 points) (NPC): Deadhead. Spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and death. Incurable lech (not lich!). Never shuts up. Ever. Tagline: “Your eyes are clearly not down here, but let me look just in case.”

Previously . . .

The PCs dither around outside the Tarrel Estate, set up in a swanky magical tent by the Luirlan who hired the PCs to come and cleanse the “rats” from his family’s home. During the night the tent is surrounded by a teeming horde of rats, which Kulvar scares off by assuming the illusory form of a Rat King and being hammy at the rats.

The Tarrel Country Estate, First Floor

Keel-Breaker, Nergui, and Rashi Talonfurr
Bahart (Third Month), 6th, 981 F.R., 4th Hour of the Moon (10:00 am)
Outside of the Tarrel Estate, Northern Veneficia, Sicatra

The PCs eventually go inside the house. It’s dusty, and tracks of rats and explorers alike are everywhere. There’s numerous strange holes that seem to go through inter-dimensional spaces, and eventually they’re ambushed by bipedal ratmen. Rashi’s stunned by the sudden battle. A few of the PCs take damage from the ratmen in 2 and 3 point chunks of cutting damage, before Nergui launches a Concussion at the floor with his Versatile Power Bow at the floor and stuns almost all of the ratmen, as well as Rashi.

Keel-Breaker kills a rat-men with his Death’s Reaper, followed by Kulvar using Poltergeist on the dead Ratman’s weapon to hit another in the arm, as well as a staff hit to the same Ratman’s leg.

Rashi shakes off his stunning, while Nergui and Keel-Breaker continue their offensive against the rats. Keel-Breaker drops a second using his face to stab the rat-man’s face, then using the opportunity to intimidate the rat-men. Eventually the PCs resort to hurling rat-men at each other, via Poltergeist and Grappling. (GM: Yes. My players hit a motherf*cker with another motherf*ker. Sigh.) The last one runs away fleeing inside the interdimensional walls.

Keel-Breaker and Rashi are both affected by the whispering of the house and end up taking on new disadvantages due to failed Fright Checks (GM note: KB ended up with a -10-point disadvantage to be determined and Rashi getting a phobic of rats for another -10-point points.)


Rashi’s able to piece together that the house is infested with demonic energy – Kulvar uses Intuition to deduce that the source is downstairs in the basement. The PCs decide to head back outside to camp and prepare.

After Action Report (GM)

The flinging of rat-men to fling against rat-men was a highlight of the night – it was funny, effective, and demoralizing all at once. Using the random encounter rules I decided to playtest was probably not a great idea. The rules worked fine – as they were supposed to! It was the fact that somehow the dice decided that the PCs could have no encounter. They can no haz. Sigh. Kulver’s reliance on the Poltergeist glove should prove interesting in later sessions. We’ll see.



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