Halcyon B-Team S01E02 – Devil’s In the Details

Dramatis Personae

  • Jacob “Duke” Gage, Tier-3 Psychometabolic psi (played by +Douglas Cole): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Levi Bassault, Tier-3 Psychokinetic (telekinetic) psi (player by +Christian G.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Murph Waters, Tier-2 Telepathic psi (played by +Christopher D.): A former office drone turned conspiracy theorist that knows too much. Currently moonlights as an amateur telepathic switchboard, thief, and fugitive. Tagline: “I ain’t saying it’s lizard people, but it probably isn’t Ichthyosis they’re suffering from.”
  • Menzi, Tier-2 Psychokinetic (sonokintic) psi (played by +Merlin A.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Jeanne J. Proffitt, Tier-2 Cyberpsychic (NPC): Younger black woman, 5’6” tall, weighes 163 lbs. and has brown hair, and hazel eyes. Tagline: “I can hack it!”
  • Virginia J. Bryant, Tier-3 ESPer psi (NPC): Octogernian with a bad mouth. Ginny is 5’2” tall, weighs 106 lbs., and has snowy-white hair with brown streaks, and light blue eyes. Well preserved. Tagline: “What the [Expletive] is this [Expletive]?!”

Previously . . .

The escapees have made it to Las Vegas in one piece. Jeanne has as a contact just outside of Sin City that can create fake IDs good enough to fool even a Federal background checks. Unfortunately, they are expensive (“At least $15,000 and probably closer to $20,000.”) and the dwindling money from the ATM jobs that Duke an Jeanne did is running low after buying a $7,000 SUV, gas, food, lodging, etc. The PCs have found a nice little hotel on the edge of town for the night with some gambling tables and cheap rates, at $45 a night, it’s hard to say no when the next cheapest comes with possible child support payments if things go wrong. With Jacob konking in one room and Virginia heads into a room after leaving the boys with a veritable shopping list of medications, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Sins a Plenty in Sin City

Levi, Murph, and Menzi
Santa Fe Hotel and Casnio
Sunday, April 29th, 2016, 6:00 pm
4949 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89130

Menzi heads for the liquor store to pick up some Jim Bean, Southern Comfort, and some tequila rose while Murph and Jean head off to grab some pills from the hospital, infiltrating with some coveralls, a very good roll on Jeanne’s part fries the computer system and gets them in almost undetected. While Jeanne picks up all of the hospital’s records, Murph canters around the nurse station and grabs a badge. A few moments later and they into the pharmacy storeroom with someone’s purple luggage and a quick check later, Murph is trying to tell his assistant what to grab for the most bang for the buck. . . in Swedish, his power has backfired letting him know pharmacy, but not being able to speak in any of the languages that he knows.

While everyone else is on adventures, Levi strolls down to the store and picks up some cigarettes and snacks. The group discusses on how to get more funds before deciding to knock over The Golden Nugget.

Russian Roulette at the Nugget

Levi, Murph, and Menzi
The Golden Nugget
Sunday, April 29th, 2016, 7:00 pm
129 East Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

With Levi running Roulette with his Telekinesis. Murph wins small along with Levi while Jeanne somehow manages to win big. Unfortunately this draws the attention of a pit boss that has made his way towards the group. Two of the group manages to meld into the crowd leaving the telekinetic and cyberpsi to be noticed and cornered by the pit boss. Being offered a comped room and food to get them to stick around and make some more money. Trying to talk his way out of the situation, the pit boss is rather flustered by the refusal and the rest of the gang manage to get out of the sticky situation.

A quick discussion later and the group is sitting on slightly over 120 thousand dollars and at least 4k of drugs from the hospital heist. Grabbing some hard drives for the cyberpath to dump the hospital records on, the group heads out to go meet with her contact in the middle of the desert in an old Airstream trailer.

Nuttier than a Fruitcake

Levi, Murph, and Menzi
Paolo’s Airstream
Sunday, April 29th, 2016, 10:30 pm
Unnamed Road, Las Vegas, NV 89166

Jeanne leads the group with the warning to leave any weapons behind and to not use the word “Government” around him. Acknowledging the warning, they watch a camera slowly focus on them and then a bobcat strolls by. Menzi decides to befriend the rather large feline.

The trailer door opens and the first thing heard from the forger is: “This is some serious Crocodile Dundee sh*t here.” A small conversation and the group gets invited in to the camper to find three shotguns rigged as a trap with a claymore mine staring straight at a window. Looking over the traps in the camper, Levi notices a trapdoor and after some questioning, the forger points a shotgun at the former court clerk and forces him out of the trailer. Murph, on the other hand, bonds with the crazy man through this mutual love of conspiracies. Apparently Paolo an Murph are two peas in a pod.


Unfortunately, the new lives are a bit more expensive than what the PCs thought, at nearly 30k per person for 6 people, the money gained via gambling is 50 thousand short, but the Paolo is willing to front another 60k for what they need, but only if they’re willing to do a job for him, a scary bloody job. The PCs are willing to do it, having little choice in the matter.

After Action Report (GM)

We were missing Douglas this evening so one of the things I planned ended up being sidelined for a bit. That said, this session WAS fun. It also revealed that the PCs were missing something vital – a social beast. Merlin opted to change things around on his character so this hole would be filled and we changed his psi powers too (originally, he was an ecopath/animal telepath, but that just wasn’t working and what’s the point of powers if you can use them?)




Green Peppers” by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (opening song)
The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers (in the Golden Nugget)
Junkhead” by Alice in Chains
The Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne (closing song)

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