Ten Thousand Jade Petals B-Team: Season 1, Session 8 – The End of the Trials

Dramatis Personae

  • An Rang (Played by Chris D): Genius doctor, decent artist, escaped fugitive. Tagline: “They’re still alive if they aren’t dead yet.”
  • Gushou Miren (played by Rory F.): Chains of lightning, drums like thunder, refreshing as a gentle rain, swift like the wind, bring on the Storm! Tagline: “It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hands.”
  • Shen Feng (played by Christian G.): This white haired warrior’s calm hides the fury of a thousand winds. Tagline: “The ground is your pillow and the sky your blanket.”
  • Xhai Kiyun (Played by Calvin J): Stands head and shoulders over others. Solider, horseman, Swordmaster, merchant, leader, and he very tall. Tagline: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt..”

Previously . . .

The group, having been trained by the crazy old bastard master, moved out with the Compass leading them to the dark man’s position where they try to set up an ambush with Gushou taking flanking position and attacking their target from behind. Striking out with his whip five times, the dark man dodges three of the blows with a retreat only to find a luminescent bubble shine upon the contact with the whip obviously magic. Shen Feng comes out of his hiding spot to slash at the dark man’s back twice, ignoring the man’s magical defenses and slicing the torso as the man dodges backwards again.

The Ambush

An Rang, Gushou Miren, Shen Feng, Xhai Kiyun
Ambush at Far Point
Seventh Month 4th day, 975 Zao Dynasty, 10th hour
Tengzou Province

Xhai moves forwards and slashes twice to the neck, connecting once but not doing too much. An Rang moves forwards and lets loose with a large amount of thorn shurikens into the dark man’s back, while the salvo from his right hand bounces off of his shield while the second salvo penetrates hardily.

Several corpses rise from the ground while the dark man unleashes an aura of light that causes Shen Feng to fall uncomscious. Xhai moves forwards and defends versus possible attacks. The corpses jump at Shen Feng and gets Qi sucked out of him while others attack the rest of the group who manage to defend successfully.

Gushou does a flying leap past the corpse and lashes out at the dark man, but his whip turns in his hand and An Rang attempts to evade the corpse but fails. Xhai steps up and beheads two of the corpses, the one that attacked him and the one that was attacking An Rang. The corpses continue to suck Shen Feng dry while another claws at Gushou’s leg.

Gushou strikes out, zapping the corpse that was attacking him before turning to the dark man and striking out twice with both blows dodged. An Rang through out another two salvos of shuriken that he dodges handily and instead pincushion one of the corpses while the dark man steps forwards at the same time An Rang steps back. Xhai manages to defend against the man’s aura of sleepingness. Gushou’s next attacks get shrugged off while An Rang’s next two salvos finally cause the dark man to drop from exhaustion.

The light around him extinguishes and Shen Feng wakes up, pushing the now motionless corpses off of himself while Xhai steps forwards and decapitates the dark man, revealing him to have been an albino and likely a royalty of some kind. The head starts rolling slowly back towards the body but Xhai spears it to the ground causing one of the eyes to open. In response, the body starts crawling forwards only for An Rang to seal its movements with needles in its pressure points. They figure that the best way to deal with the dark albino is to cut him up and seal him in boxes somewhere. An Rang takes the time to carve boxes the commemorate the event.


They find the boy that was following the dark man and find him rather dazed and confused as to what has happened. Not even sure where he is at the moment. They find the gentle master again who says that one of them would need to replace the guardian of the water temple. The boys left behind, the villager is revealed to be a compass as well, as the group head towards the water temple where An Rang volunteers for the duty as he’s wanted for death in the realm.

After Action Report (GM)

The combat took a while to finish and most of the game WAS the combat versus the dark wanderer (who had a form of Supernatural Durability). Overall, was a nice cap and test of the rules for me and the others.

Other Notes

This is the end of the prequel I set up for these characters. Originally, this was to be the main campaign, but I decided to go a different direction and the players agreed we could do that.



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