The Chronicles of Ceteri B-Team: Season 2, Session 4

Dramatis Personae

  • Devin Broadhurst (played by Rob D.): There was a blurb here the entire time. But it disappears every time you look away from the screen. Tagline: “You saw it, but forgot it.”
  • Gabriel MacAlister (played by Douglas Cole): Built like the natural athlete he is, he is tall, strong, and solidly good-looking, but deeply scarred from much combat. He’s missing his lower leg, which he lost fighting zombies. It is capped by a carbon fiber prosthetic that doesn’t seem to interfere much with his activities. A quiet and hard-working man, always ready to lend a hand with any work, which he will do without complaint or obligating the other person to respond. He is an expert martial arts teacher, and has been following in the footsteps of a carpenter for some time now. Emphatically not a pushover or weak personality, but also not one to purposefully show off. Has been in many horrible places and seen many horrible things; he’s a bit of a compulsive planner as a result, as well as always feeling that most folks don’t really know how lucky they are. He was cursed to carry a magical sword for a while, and gave into its Wrath before it was parted from him magically. He’s since given it up, in exchange for unknown burdens. Tagline: “To serve others is the highest calling; to protect the meek the noblest endeavor, and our works are judged by the effort that went into them”
  • Kamali Blackshear (played by Merlin A.): Kamali is a young man in his late teens. He is healthy and is of mixed ethnicity of Caucasian South African and native South African. He is a determined youth who believes in a justice of his own, likening himself to the knight of the round table whom he has read deeply into. Just as they stood against the darkness of their age so too does Kamali seek to do the same. For his sister, for his friends, and for the world. Tagline: “A knight without a sword  carrying a faith nobody believes.”
  • Lorenzo DeModouco (played by Christian G.): A man with movie star looks and a voice that belongs on the radio. Slowly coming to grips with the fact that he isn’t exactly human, but a “Lupus Dei” – “Wolf of God” – otherwise known as a Benandanti. He’s still cheery and always trying to make others happy, but has become a shrewd student of human behavior, which he uses for the benefit of the rest of his team. Lorenzo’s recently joined the Boston Fire Department as a volunteer as a means to get access to places he normally shouldn’t be able to go as well as medical gear and information that might not be available to the public. He’s become a master of spear fighting and like the rest of his brothers is a highly capable combatant. Tagline: “You can take me to the gates of Hell, but I won’t back down and I won’t be turned around.”
  • Markus Walker (played by Christopher D.): Only recently awakened to the world of Ceteri, Markus is a couple things. A survivor of Lorna Rd, an officer of the law, a physical mage. It’s hard to tell where each one leaves off and where the other comes into play. He tries his best to follow the law, but it’s hard when there’s no Massachusetts State laws on monster hunting. Tagline: “Honesta quam magna.”

Previously . . .

Last session ended with the Orphans and Markus splitting up, the Orphans to research what they’re trying to do against Raum while Markus still has his job to deal with even if it was his night off. Paperwork galore and a strong right hand to aid him through his trying times.

NCIS: Special Cop Unit Victims: Walker & Coyote

District A-1 Boston Police Department
Sunday, October 22nd, 2000, 8:00 pm
40 Sudbury St., Boston, MA 02114

Markus is trying to do paperwork while hearing thunder sounding outside. A strange man with eyes rolled back in his head starts to speak to Markus, asking if he heard it as well. Not one to answer a druggie, he asks the officer next to him what the guy was doing there. Apparently he was pulled in on indecency charges and no one knew who was in charge of the suspect. Ignoring that, he turned back to his paperwork when everything went silent except for some whispering leading him outside, yelling loudly that he was going to go to the restroom.

Outside he finds a coyote that seems to be waiting for him. . . and talking to him. Markus can find no other explanation except that it was a drug induced dream that was a result from the museum incident. Trying to convince himself of that, he explains that if it was a dream then his spirit guide would be a lot more attractive leading the beast to change into a rather tall, black haired. . .  man wearing the pelt of a coyote and not much else. After convincing the guide to get dressed, he followed the thing through a desolate Boston landscape to a man reading a newspaper, sitting on the hood of a 1970s Thunderbird.

Being touched by the mysterious man, Markus is shown his father’s life and then his own life up to this moment and then informed that he had been chosen, it was in the stars and the mysterious man had been watching Markus’s family for over 300 years. Warning the officer that he would speak with Markus three times and be denied three times, but the last time he would HAVE to believe. Still convinced it was a drug induced dream, he tells the Coyote that he would give him immunity to prosecution if he testified against the mystery man as he’s lead back to the police station.

Waking up, he finds himself back in the police station being told by a fellow officer that he’s wanted in the Captain’s office as a new partner got transferred in so late at night. After telling the guy to watch his paperwork, he ends up going in and meeting his new partner.

A one John Coyote.

Still not sure, Markus is led to Coyote’s car after a brief conversation, a classic Roadrunner in purple. Coyote tells him that he has to take Markus to the right place at the right time. Apparently that right place is right off the North Bridge at a firehouse that should have burned down three decades ago and where he was taken nearly a week ago after the encounter with the Grendylow.

At The Honeycomb Hideout

Gabe, Kamali, Lorenzo, and Markus
Firehouse for Engine 44
Sunday, October 22nd, 2000, 10:00 pm
Northern Avenue Bridge, Boston, MA 02210

About an hour previously, the Orphans were sitting in the firehouse going through everything they could locate looking for information on Raum. Finding him listed in the Key of Solomon as being a demon lord of shiny things. Literally, the king of baubles and past and future. The only way to destroy it entirely will be to use a thing touched by god and the closest relic for that is a sword owned by St. Eustace, stolen in the 19th century by fae and taken to Underhill.

The encounter between Markus, Coyote, and the boys was not smooth. Coyote tells them that he’s there to take them to Underhill as the boys try to convince Markus of what they’re going to have to do and the firehouse caretaker sets out a large amount of iron weapons. They’re ushered through a portal and land into the middle of a pathway with a large tree blocking the center of a road with a southern accent.

Overhill and Underhill – Or How Tolkien Was Just Wrong

Gabe, Kamali, Lorenzo, and Markus
The King’s Road
Sunday, October 22nd, 2000, 10:00 pm
Somewhere in Underhill

Kamali tries to convince the tree that it’s stuck in the road. It wasn’t too hard to convince an idiotic tree to move off the road through reverse psychology. Walking along the road, they find a familiar looking bush, trying to sneak past the rabbit and dryad where they’re asked if they’re on a quest with the large amount of iron on them and then asking who the new guy is before they wander off again, this time finding an inn that advertises that it serves Human food.

Kicking in the door, they find people from different times and places along with fae. Kamali tries to brush off the kicked in door. A blue skinned man, the owner, pops from behind the bar and admonishes the group for kicking in the door and then asks them why they’re carrying so much iron. Kamali fails to convince him that it’s because they were challenged to a fight, they’re told to keep it sheathed anyhow. Kamali attempts to carouse, getting a sandwich and bag of chips from the bar while looking around and ended up talking to a woman wearing a seal belt.

She knows what they group is looking for, she lives in Boston and knows that they’re on a quest for the sword. She’s into Kamali and tells them if they looking for the sword then she’d be able to tell them where it is, introducing herself as Siobhan, partly a faerie. Asking what she wants in return, a rather unexpected opportunity arises for Kamali.


Ten minutes later, Kamali gets some information on the location and Siobhan heads back home. The sword is with a dragon in a cavern on top of a mountain. For his looseness with funds, Kamali is given a bottle of something for his kindness, but sadly since Amos’s departure none of the boys have anything they can use to identify it. Thanking the blue skinned proprietor, named Mr. T, the boys set out for the mountains.

After Action Report (GM)

Spent fully a fourth of the game on getting Christopher more involved with his character Markus (the other Chris wasn’t feeling well so he opted to be there, but to be “behind the scenes”). I think it was time well spent, but we’ll see. The rest of the game had the PCs revisiting some old themes – which was great – and I spilled that the Sword of St. Eustace was guarded by a dragon. Had to quest it up a bit there. 🙂

Other Notes



Broken Bones” by Kaleo (Opening Song)
Dream Away” by George Harrison
Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen (Closing Song)

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