The Chronicles of Ceteri C-Team: Season 3, Session 2 – Did Anyone Bring a Crowbar?

Dramatis Personae

  • Agrivain Tashaslan (played by Travis E.): Inhumanely attractive and a genius spellcaster, Agravaine is trying to make a name for himself in the supernatural world of Ceteri.. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Charles Malone (played by Will M.): Charles is a detective, mechanical tinkerer, and powerful sorceror who always tries to do the right thing. He has seen things that would drive normal people to insanity so many times that nothing really phases him anymore. He has a strong moral compass and tries to right wrongs wherever he finds them, especially when a paycheck is involved because, well, everyone has to eat. May or may not have been drawn to this work by a supernatural entity. Tagline: “Chosen? Sure, I could be chosen.”
  • David A. Marshall (played by Scott R.): David is a photographer and teacher who has been chosen by God to fight the good fight against the supernatural forces of darkness. Unlike the popular perception of a saint, he is neither preachy nor dull – instead, he is patient, faithful, and genuinely interested in those around him, and is especially protective of children. He rarely chooses his adventures, but trusts that every step he takes will bring him closer to where he needs to be, and that the blessings he has been given will see him through. Tagline: “Saying a prayer is good. Being a prayer is better.”
  • Leo Brienza (played by Emily S.): A werewolf private investigator. Leo has a fondness for Twinkies and is a disappointment to his family. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Ranulf Graeme (played by Chris D.): Ranulf is a man that introduces himself with a heavy sigh, not only because his name would bewilder the most experienced barista, but also because his life has recently gone down the toilet. Put in administrative leave for something that wasn’t his fault, he’s now forced to join up with some of the folks that actually caused his misery until they make his life better. He’s not going to rely on them alone though, as a tychomancer, a tellurgist, and he simply is one of the best cartographers and survivalists on the Autumn Road. Tagline: “No amount of careful planning can beat pure luck.”
  • Chocodile aka “Chocky”  (NPC): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”

Previously . . .

The group has managed to drag a box full of items into the basement of the Athenaerum and they’re discussing what to do. Track down the man that took the false bill of landing from the park that someone had picked up, or to open up the giant crate.

Back At the Base

Charles, David, and Ranulf
Boston Athenæum Secret Basement
Thursday, August 2nd, 2001, 23:00 pm
10-1/2 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02108

Ranulf having cast Sorcerous Mark on the bill of landing that they planted, they decide to open the box with David convincing the pixies to let him consecrate the ground around the box. He pries open the box to find another box. Inside that box is what appears to be a very large steamer trunk that is inscribed with various magical symbols that appear to be protection runes.

The box isn’t obviously evil and opens the lid with crucifix in hand. Inside is books and more books and a leather bag that is somewhat squarish along with other mystical baubles including a globe about the size of a softball that is glowing with a dull light. David opens the bag while Charles investigates the ball, it’s a scrying orb and should be kept out of direct daylight. Inside the bag is a large amount of alchemical ingredients and objects. De Vries searches through the trunk as well, most of the books being mostly occult books and grimoires. He picks out a journal from the box, a fairly bulky book with green leather and no title on it.


It’s Ginsberg’s work, but it’s coded. De Vries can understand some of the illustrations and mathematics. It’s written in English, but is indecipherable and while Ranulf is good at mathematics, he’s not quite good enough to try any decrypting. De Vries has a prism of decrypting back in the lab and they don’t think that it’s safe there. They discuss how to get back into the scene of the crime undetected

After Action Report (GM)

Not much to say about today’s game. It was super short and interrupted quickly enough that I’m almost embarrassed to even post it. But here we are.

Other Notes

This game lasted an hour before I had to do something else I couldn’t avoid.




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