The Hurt Locker: The Magical Mo of Shennong


The Magical Mo of Shennong

Power Pool: 30 FP

Origins: Cosmic, Divine, or Magical.

A mo is a food grinder that can be found in in ancient China. This particular one (and its copies) is an extremely useful mystical tool that can find a massive amount of people on very little making it useful for small adventuring groups or those going where food is scarce.


  • Filling: One meal from the mo can sustain a typical eat for an entire day. During that time they also get a bonus to all ingested poisons equal to the margin of success on the skill roll to make the food (whether ex nihlo or assisted). Additionally, eating a meal made by the mo restores 3d FP and HP and doubles the rate at which those points return to the wielder after all other modifiers.
  • Eat Like Kings: The mo can be used to assist preparing a meal instead of actually making one. If so, this requires a 0.5 lbs. of rice and the mo produces spices, sauces, etc. to go along with whatever is being made. In this case it doesn’t give a bonus to skill rolls, but treats any roll of 9 or less as if it were a critical success.
  • Unlimited Food: The mo can turn any amount of rice into a similar amount of food, drinks, etc. This is only limited to the imagination of the person using it! Make a Housekeeping or Cooking roll for food at +5 to determine quality. For alcoholic drinks, roll Professional Skill (Bartender, Brewer, or Distiller) at +5 to determine quality. A meal weighs approximately one pound for a SM 0 being. This doesn’t include a drink which is approximately 0.5 lbs.

Weight: 4 lbs.

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