Carpe Blogiem: 2022 – A Year In Review

Here are how things went for me in 2022:

The Good (What I did well or that went well)

  • My Patreon continues to grow and remains most of my monthly (steady) income. I’m sitting at 105 patrons right now and I went through a revamp this year to make my life easier as well as my patron’s lives. People stayed and upped pledges and I honestly wasn’t expecting that.
  • I got some of my tech-sector writing back after I lost all of it in 2021. Should help with the bills.
  •  GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves was stuck in editing hell, but it’s seeing movement as of this date.
  • I have written another GURPS supplement aka GURPS Whatchamacallit and it’s on-hold for submission right now so it can be solidly playtested before the playtest. So that’s on a month by month review at the moment.
  • I’m negotiating to write another GURPS supplement with my oft-coauthor J. Edward Tremlett. It’s at the outline stage and I don’t see it not getting approved – probably sometime next week.
  • I wrote a entry for The Fantasy Trip for a Kickstarter (GATE magazine).
  • I wrote two Hexagram articles for The Fantasy Trip called “If It Weren’t For Bad Luck…” and “Inns and Taverns”.
  • I wrote a Quick Quest for The Fantasy Trip called “The Gallery of Hands”.
  • Grammar studies remained on the backburner, but I did enough studying each month to put this one in the win column. I just need to find more time is all.
  • My “A Thousand Tiny Gods” setting swapped over to my supers setting AEON. I started up a fourth team for it. It’s been fun. I love supers stuff.
  • I participated in NaNoWriMo2022 and finished it. I ended up deciding to put this one on the Vault but to follow it up and write a full length novel no later than 3rd quarter this yeah.
  • Something amazing happened twice and I cannot comment on it yet for either thing. I am bursting at the seams.
  • I remained COVID free thanks to masking, vaccines, and being a general homebody. Good. Because ugh.
  • I got new glasses and what a difference that has made.
  • I designed a new workflow using Evernote and Tasks and wow I’m beyond productive on a daily basis producing 3,000 to 4,000 words of content a day.
  • I’m making a dice game with my nephews. It’s actually pretty fun.
  • I started the Virginia Board of Workforce Development program. It’s been EYE-OPENING.


The Bad (What I could have done better or had no control over)

  • I still didn’t publish anything in the fiction market in 2022. I missed my 2022 goal and went about another year without publishing anything.
  • My uncle died and my cousin along with a half dozen friends. It was a bad year for me. I’ve lost too many people. I am bereft and I am in black.
  • Posting remained at 1-2 entries per week with many weeks seeing none.
  • COVID-19 thinks it’s Kang because boy does it have a lot of variants.
  • Dungeons and Dragons OGL disaster has made me gun-shy on working in that system. Might got to Pathfinder or FATE for my next system jump. We’ll see.
  • Mental Health: My mental health suffered badly this year. Lots of dips and and downs.
  • Physical Health: My weight continues fluxing badly (swinging 10% to 20% in either direction). My A1C was not greet. Apparently I’m also anemic in addition to being polycythemic. YAY. My sleep apnea was fully diagnosed and I got a CPAP I seem to be able to tolerate. So we’ll see.


The Ugly (I don’t know how to categorize this or too early to tell)

  • The “Fiction” tier for Patreon remains untouched and I’ve decided to work harder.
  • InDesign is…interesting. I’ve been working on layout stuff but it’s a LOT to learn. Working to incorporate it more.


Like my previous years, there was more good than bad and it was overall a good to middling year. I still didn’t get everything I wanted done and it has left me with a bit of frustration regarding the goals I set myself

So for 2023 I’ve set the following goals for myself:

  • Publish a novel either via self-publishing or through a company.
  • Propose and (hopefully) write more GURPS supplements.
  • Propose and (hopefully) write more The Fantasy Trip supplements.
  • Read up more on a new RPG to better familiarize myself with the rules so I can use it to write.
  • Maintain my obligations for freelancing.
  • Continue to deliver Patreon content to all patrons.
  • Build up my Patreon more and be more communicative with my patrons.
  • Continue to blog at least twice per week. I’d like to get to 3-4 times a week (excluding session recap posts if possible).
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