Carpe Blogiem: AEON Primer – Setting History I

Buckle up, kids. This is going to be a long post.

Before the Black Sky

Aeon was much like our world in the beginning, in fact, up until almost 30,000 years ago it was the same. Then something happened. An odd asteroid collided with Earth. As the meteor streaked across the sky, it drew the attention of a lone human. He’d been exiled from his tribe and was out hunting for food. Barely surviving he thought the meteor a gift from the gods. Deciding to investigate, what he’d find would change the world forever. In a deep pit at the crash site, was a spiky mass of shimmering black. It moved and writhed on its own and when he went to close, it pulled him in. Within seconds he and it had disappeared. He found himself in a place without sight or sound. He was in the Void and in the Void was nothingness. But something had changed. He had changed. Wishing for something, anything, to cling to suddenly he was sitting on a patch of grass in a small Earth-like island in the sea of nothingness. His thoughts shaped reality and reality shaped his thoughts. His wishes were given form. He was given god-like power and knowledge. With a single thought, he transported himself back to where he’d been. At first, everything was fine, but his god-like power twisted and snarled the fabric of reality itself. His presence was destroying the world. Maybe it was before this or during this event. Maybe it was the power or maybe it was something else, but the Nameless One went mad and thus began the Black Sky.

The Black Sky

What followed next is engraved into the collective memory of mankind. The Nameless One’s presence turned nature against itself. Animals swarmed and acted as one, the weather became violent and mercurial, and the seemingly immutable laws of nature twisted and broke. The Nameless One sought minions amongst his former tribesmen bestowing on them a measure of his power. Those who refused were put to death. Man fought monster and the power of the Nameless One grew. It began to rain nonstop and the floodwaters began to deluge the world as the sky turned ever blacker. Reality began to merge with the Void as entire pockets of matter were shunted into the black nothingness. It was the end of the world. Until something happened. Something strange. No one is sure exactly how it happened or even why, but reality “fought” back. Perhaps it had been fighting back the whole time and the strange events that had occurred where its way of ousting the Nameless One. In actuality it was by chance. A godlike being (much like the Nameless One) accidentally caused a “impact” on the fundamental level of reality while it was traveling and fractured the universe creating different timelines, all starting at that point but ending up different as time progressed. When it realized what it had done it worked against the Nameless One with agents of its own and repaired the fractured reality as best it could.

Before the world was destroyed, the Nameless One was ousted from reality itself and forced back into the Void along with all his minions and creatures (who became the first remnants). The world eventually recovered and things went back to normal, but not without a cost. Thousands were dead and the Nameless One merely banished, not killed.

The Obelisk and Coming of the Senzar

Approximately 10,000 years later the Nameless One created a hole to push through the remains of the meteor that had changed him. He’d been changed by it, but had not bonded to it. His hopes were that it’d change someone else as it had him and he’d be freed of the Void. This happened, partially. It fell from the sky again somewhere along the Northeastern Coast of North America.

There it was discovered by a nameless tribe of Native Americans who thought it a gift from the spirits. They worshipped this odd glowing sphere  of energy, but after several weeks of close proximity, those who were there the most began to change. At first, it was small things: the color of some people’s eyes changed or their hair turned stark white. Then, those who had changed developed powers. Extraordinary powers. Superhuman powers. These first metahumans were like unto gods to mortal men. Much like the Nameless One, but still lesser than it was. Unlike latter day metahumans, they had full control over the Kyberian Energy which permeated their being giving them to access amazing abilities. With their ability they turned the meteor into a crystalline obelisk allowing them to carry it away.

These first ones, calling themselves Senzar, used the power of the obelisk to transport themselves and the rest of their tribe to a land of their own creation. A land far away in the middle of the modern day Atlantic Ocean. There they created an advanced civilization of the likes the world has never seen before or since. The Senzar named their new land “Atelahn,” and thrived there for thousands of years. But sometime between 10,000 and 11,000 years ago a disaster occurred and Atelahn was destroyed or lost (the tales differ) which gave rise to the myths of Atlantis. The surviving Senzar scattered to the winds and interbreed with humans. This disaster also changed the very foundation of the universe.

No longer could raw Kyberian energy be easily accessed. Most of those with that ability had died during the destruction of Atelahn, though some would be born now and again throughout history. Instead, those capable of using metahuman abilities could only access it in very specific ways. It was also during this time that alternate methods of accessing Kyberian energy were discovered. Such methods allowed anyone who studied long enough to channel Kyberian energy through their minds (Magic) or bodies (Chi). While those who carried the blood of the Senzar (Scions or those with the Scion gene) still had access to fantastic powers it was now within a narrow focus or a singular means. The Senzar as they had been were gone, but their heirs remained.

Picking Over the Bones

And that’s part one. This covers the “Mythic” section of history. Next up will cover a larger span – mostly from Mesopotamia up to Roman Empire. That’s a lot to shove in one section, but I haven’t fleshed out that much stuff in the campaign setting bible so there isn’t much to write about. Hope y’all are liking these glimpses into my campaigns.


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