Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – June 2024


Authorial Highlights

  • I have started writing some fiction. Not a whole lot. And not a book. Just some short stories…but it’s a good sign.
  • GURPS Meta-Tech” aka GURPS Whatchamacallit  was released on July 2nd, 2024! Here’s the main forum thread for it and this is an example thread for new devices and origins. Folks, if you’re reading this I gotta say – tell Steve Jackson Games on social media that you like this book (if you do) and want more of the same (if you do). It’s really important. You can contact them via any of the following:
    • BlueSky:
    • Discord:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:
    • TikTok: @stevejacksongames
    • X: @SJGames
  • The Fantasy Trip Quick Quest “The Gallery of Hands” remains in the hands of Steve Jackson.
  • Working on another article for Hexagram for The Fantasy Trip – stopped working on my portal article and started on a monster article. Putting the portal one on the backburner for now.
  • GURPS Monster Hunters Adventure: The Face of Fire” aka GURPS Visage-22 playtest is up on Monday the 8th and we will be revising like crazy after that. Really good playtest with lots of bits and bobs poked and prodded.
  • Haptic is back on track and I’m writing both blog articles and support articles. Feels good to be moving again .
  • I currently have two outstanding contracts/projects a TFT Quick Quest and GURPS Monster Hunters Adventure: The Face of Fire.
  • Total wordcount for June was 20,327 words – I met my goal of 10,000 words for the month of June.
  • I’m increasing wordcount to about 15,000 words for July 2024. Still building up, but it’s taking time.

Blog Highlights

  • Blog entries 3 per week. I could not blog anything pretty much at all.
  • Wrote two entries this month (including this one).
  • I have some backlog I want to release and I’m just going to post every day until it’s gone and start writing some new content.

Patreon Highlights

  • Patreon was on time this month.
  • Gained 3 members, lost 4. Had one pledge go crazy and hit the highest tier. I won’t knock it.
  • No fiction again. AIIIEEEEE.
  • See the Patreon Schedule for July.
  • Get the Patreon Specials for July here.

Miscellaneous Related News

  • I (again) did basically nothing in the months of June. Some spurts here and there of things.
  • My health has improved considerably, but some new problems have cropped up. I’m dealing with them.
  • I continue my learning in the Virginia Board of Workforce Development program. I’m now into Phase Three. Still on that pause though.
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