GURPS101: New Power – Bone Manipulation

I rather like inventing new powers (in the sense of GURPS Powersfor my campaigns and here is one of them from my supers campaign AEON.

New Power: Bone Manipulation

This power allows the manipulation of bones whether it is someone else or the wielders.

Bone Manipulation

Source: Any.
Focus: Controlling, shaping, and manipulating bones.

Bone manipulators can create, shape, and manipulate organic calcium aka bones. But it also includes manipulation of cartilage (e.g., ears or nose) and keratin (e.g., hair or fingernails). By default, this is the manipulation of any bones – yours or others. If you can only manipulate one or the other this is a -40% limitation.

Bone Manipulation Talent

5 points/level

Bone Manipulation Abilities

Abilities that require existing bones have “Accessibility, Requires bones” (-10%) and those that shape existing bones have “Environmental, Bones” (-60%).

Allies (Bone constructs); Binding, with Unbreakable and it must have with Accessibility, Target must have bones (-5%); Claws; Control (Bones); Create (Bones); Damage Resistance, but not with Force Field; Detect, for bones, keratin, cartilage, etc.; Fit or Very Fit; Healing, with Accessibility, Not soft tissue injuries (-40%) and Capped; High Pain Threshold; Injury Tolerance (Unbreakable Bones; Unliving); Modular Ability, with Physical and Limited, Bones (-10%); Penetrating Vision, with Specific, Bone (-80%); Permeation (Bone); Protected Power; Rapid Healing or Very Rapid Healing; Regeneration; Resistant to Disease; Spines; Strikers, often with Switchable; Teeth; Telekinesis, with Accessibility, Target must have bones (-5%).

Any innate attack is possible as long as it uses the bones of its target or user in some way. For example, an impaling innate attack might be due to the user rapidly growing a sharpened bone and then launching it at a target. If an attack directly manipulates the target’s bones add Malediction and Based on HT. Afflictions giving a target One Arm, Quadriplegic, Legless, Vulnerability (Physical Attacks), or similar disadvantages are also possible. As are any modifiers that inflict pain, bleeding, or similar. Optionally, Afflictions that give advantages are also possible as long as they deal with bones in some way. For example, adding Injury Tolerance (Unbreakable Bones) or Resistant to Disease. Add Environmental, Bone (-60%) for attacks that manipulate existing bones in some manner.

Power Modifier: Bone Manipulation. The advantage belongs to the Bone Manipulation Power. This modifier is usually Metahuman (-10%).

Bone Manipulation Powers

Bone Armor (-60%): Damage Resistance (Doesn’t Wear Armor, -40%; PM, -10%; Semi-Ablative, -20%; Switchable, +10%) [2/level]. Notes: You can grow bony plates to protect yourself.

Unbreakable Skeleton: Injury Tolerance (No Brain; No Vitals; Unbreakable Bones)  (PM. -10%) [18]. Notes: Your skeleton is so dense it cannot be broken by normal means. This makes you immune to severed limbs as well as brain and vital hits (your skull and ribcage protect you).

Picking Over the Bones

Heh. Heh…hehehehe. Yes. I know what I did and I don’t care. I probably should have added an offensive power up there or something like Control or Create bones, but those seem to be a pretty obvious power set – to me at least. What sort of powers would you build for a bone manipulator in your games? Anything I missed?

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