Carpe Blogiem: End of Blogcation 2015

The blogcation is at an end. in summary:

Reason #1: Solved! The man I call father had a stroke in early September, It was pretty bad. It was terrifying. He’s since come through it with a speed the doctor’s are calling a miracle. He’s stubborn that way. Within ten months all of his facilities will be back to normal is the current projection.
Reason #2: Somewhat solved. I did get to rest and recharge, but things kept happening (I tweaked my back, some family stuff, etc.) that kept interrupting it. I actually got a lot of writing in, played a lot of chess, and quite a few fun videogames (Diablo 3 – I’m looking a you.
Reason #3:Somewhat solved. Most of the rest of the house is done, only the A/C, kitchen counter-tops (though the sink and dishwasher is installed!), the utility room cabinets, and the finished bar area remain. My room has not been touched (yet). Hopefully that will happen soon and I can only hope it’s not a super-stressful time.
Reason #4: Birthday was awesome. That is all. 🙂

As promised, tomorrow will resume the normal posting schedule. I’ve got plenty of goodies in store.

With Regards,

Christopher R. Rice

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