Carpe Blogiem: GenCon 50 – Aftermath

Man. Coming back home I was out of it. I feel like I slept for a week yesterday. Today I’m a bit more rested, but still tired. I spent most of today unpacking and catching up on some stuff from home. My cat seems to have missed me, and basically hasn’t left my side since I got in.

Thoughts On GenCon 50
The con was packed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in one place in my life. There were nerds of all stripes, flavors, and colors there. Despite that many people in one place – almost everyone I enteracted with were flat out nice. On Friday I was about trashed around 1700 hours and had to find a place to sit. A nice older couple with their teen daughter gabbed at me and when I went to get up for a drink the daughter took my money and ran off to get it for me. Wherever I went people helped me, bought me stuff, and in general was just incredibly nice. I learned to play a lot of games and got to run a few myself. I bought Century by Plan-B Games and loved it so much I blabbed about it to anyone who would listen. (Hey, Plan-B Games, I tallied like 10 boxes bought after I prodded gamers. Send me free stuff!)

  • The DFRPG game with +Sean Punch was flat out amazing. I wish we could have played all night. 
  • Plan-B Games demo booth was awesome.
  • Fantasy Flight Games was ALSO awesome.
  • The Steve Jackson Games demos were fun – I really enjoyed the DFRPG and Munchkin Shakespeare demos. Both were pretty good.
  • Mercedes Lackey was awesome.
  • The Diana Jones Awards was pretty darn cool and I should have mingled more.

I’ve probably missed some other stuff. But twas nice.

Closing Thoughts 
I’ve already decided that I’m going back next year. For sure. I’ve set myself up with a budget I need to meet so I can go back. I want to go back that much. Meeting people in the industry was fun. It did make me realize I need to diversify and do it quickly. The more markets I’m in the better. I’m hoping I get some callbacks from folks – we’ll see. For now, I need to get everything back together at home and then start back to work. Breaks over and I feel freaking great. Batteries are fully charged and I’m back to battle-ready status.

Twitter Stream

@gencon swag! Most of this stuff was from the kickstarter, but I bought a few things, gambled for a few more. All in all, a good bit o loot!

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

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