Carpe Blogiem: GenCon 50 – Day 2


Ok. First thing’s first – I got breakfast this morning at like 9am – I went to bed around 3am. Showered, shaved, and then headed to the Con via Uber. I headed toward the SJGames booth and lo and behold Sean Punch was there. We chatted for quite a while and I kept him company while we discussed a variety of topics.

I did a bit more wandering about and headed over the the Plan B Games and bought a copy of the game “Century.” (Note: I don’t play a lot of boardgames – I love this game.) Did some more wandering. Found a few more GURPSers – got recognized in the wild again for some of my work on RPM and GURPS (which was awesome – but still weird). Hung out with Sean Punch a bit more before heading out to the hall and sitting down. Then chatted up some wonderful folks about various geek- and fandoms.

I headed back around 1700 hours and got to meet Steven Marsh in person. Wonderful man. Got to meet his wife (Nikki! Woo!) and son too and we must have chatted for an hour or so about geeky things – some GURPS stuff too. Basically [FNORD].

I then headed to buy some souvenirs for +Natiel Leealexander and +Travis Ellis since they couldn’t make it where I waited for +Douglas Cole . When then went and got some dinner (fish and chips! With DELICIOUS beer!) gabbed about the con some and wait had happened during the day before parting ways.

I then headed back to the hotel and played a game of Century with a nice young family. We had a blast and they decided to go buy a copy (You paying attention B-Plan Games? That’s FOUR I’ve sold today alone. Send me free stuff.) I got to talking about GURPS and then my campaign and the folks seemed enthralled. They asked for my card and then were off to buy some copies of the new DF boxed set via pre-order. Think I did good there.

Next I went to the pool and worked out some of the soreness of the day before crashing and resting up for Day 3.

Twitter Stream Photos

Enjoying a Breckenridge nitro Porter at Dick's with @GMingBallistic. Damn good beer!

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 18, 2017

More minis, scenes, and dice from Chessex!

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

My boy Jeff Wilson and I!

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017


— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

GenCon cosplayers!

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

Loki of ASGARD! And this guy – this GENIUS freakin guy – he repaired costumes for a nominal fee. And he was GOOD.

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

Met @stevenmarsh at #GenCon50 and he was just an absolutely awesome guy. We talked #GURPS and random stuff. A highlight of the con for me.

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

I ALSO got to meet his lovely wife Nikki (she of the amazing editorial and layout skills). Many hugs all around. 🙂

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

Some fish n chips with @GMingBallistic at Dirty Dicks. They were SPOT on. Just damn near perfect.

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

There there was this cosplay – which was amazing.

— Christopher R. Rice (@Ravenpenny) August 23, 2017

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