Carpe Blogiem: On RPM Submissions

I’ve been distracting myself for the last week or so with working on submissions for the Ritual Path Magic system that Steven Marsh sent out about a month ago, to be honest I wasn’t going to do anything because I didn’t think I knew enough about the magic system. But a pathological needlephobe like myself who is doing eight insulin injections a day needs a distraction, and there are times when my brain just refuses to shut down. This combination just plain stinks. So, with a will, I put myself into go-go-write mode and studied the system, read it backwards and forwards until I had a basic grasp and then I dived in. I didn’t get how it worked completely at first, and made a few mistakes as I created my ritual submissions, I had previously only used the system during my playtest/shakedown of the Monster Hunters 3: The Enemy book, and even then my players stuck to a few basic spells they had prepared in advance. After a few email exchanges with Jason “Rev. Pee Kitty” Levine and questions on the Rituals Wanted! thread SJ Forums I had worked out my plan of action, I’d create one original spell of my own and I’d adapt one spell from GURPS Magic. Eight days later, I’d written, polished, and revamped 100 spells that I was mostly pretty proud of. My girlfriend, L.A., helped me name a good portion of them and who could resist a spell called “Conjure Credentials” or “Post by Ghost” I mean those are pretty cool names. I hope at least those two make it past the submission process. I had also hoped to include a magical item creation system of my own design as well but that was declined because PK had already had one written for months now. I was a tad disappointed but I’m pretty happy that there is something to go with the Ritual Path Magic supplement…I just hope it’s not a gadget-based system like the one he’s advocated on his FAQ site, I really dislike gadget items  regardless of their origin.

Well, that’s said and done, I’ll eventually submit a pyramid article with a bunch of the goodies I’ve written up while working on my own submissions, and of course they’ll probably end up in my Otherworld campaign setting since I’ve decided to retrofit the setting from the standard GURPS magic system to Ritual Path Magic, it works so much better for what I have in mind. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check out Steven Marsh’s post on the Rituals Wanted! thread on the SJ Games Forums and if you have an idea and know the RPM system, submit it! You can only be told yes or no, either way it’s just words.

Enough rambling, I’m off to get some coffee and maybe toy around with some more gaming stuff.

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