Carpe Blogiem: Patreon Goals for May 2021

Last month’s goals didn’t go so well – social media appears to be something my supporters do not really do. So this month I made it dead easy. All you need to do is be a patron and vote on what you want to see in June’s patreon specials.

  • Get Out the Vote!: This month I’m looking for Patreon patrons to do one thing: Vote on next month’s specials. Normally I get about 30% of y’all to vote. This month if at least 50% vote on what specials they’d like to see I’ll add a fourth one for all Patrons ($1 and up) and if I get 75% of the vote I’ll add a fifth special (this time for the $2 and up patrons). It’s as simple as that. Vote to let me know what you want and get more of what you want!

And that’s it! Spread this post and spread the word. The more folks we have jump on the more stuff I’ll make.

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