Carpe Blogiem: The Chronicles of Ceteri Primer – Supernatural Beings V

And here is the final post of this part of the series featuring the minor, but important supernatural races.

Bloodline Carrier

Bloodlines are extremely important in Ceteri and there are numerous types. Example include the Bloodline of Solomon, Lilith (who got around), Cain, Able, and others. Being the child of a small-g god also counts here. Being of a special bloodline gives access to unique powers or abilities that normal mortals cannot have. Such abilities include enhanced attribute caps, unique abilities from the progenitor and so on.


Skinturners are essentially normal humans with a few perks (enhanced fitness and regenerative ability) along with the ability to turn magically into an animal. Most skinturners were born that way, but a few learn the trick by being taught it by powerful totems or ancient skinturners who’ve learned to tap into mystic secrets.


Sorcerers are technically humans, but have an inherent ability when it comes to extrinsic magic. In game terms, they are born with an Unusual Background as well as the Adept advantage. This Unusual Background grants numerous traits. Among them the ability to purchase higher levels of IQ, HT, Perception, and Will than others in the setting. They live much longer (up to 180). They are capable of learning logos – words of power – something most casters cannot. They can hold within themselves points of quintessence (i.e., raw magic).

They can learn Autohypnosis and Hidden Lore skills without having any prerequisite traits. Finally, they have a list of traits such as Compartmentalized Mind or Foresight that they can pick from. You cannot become a sorcerer, but a limited Adept can be learned by hedges and other casters. Some races are “natural sorcerers” such as the sidhe who can get an unlimited Adept.

Supernatural Ancestry

Similar to bloodlines carriers, but different. Those with nonhuman blood in their veins have access to whatever traits are on their nonhuman parent/grandparent/great-grandparent’s template. The amount of traits they can buy depends on how close the inhuman blood is to theirs. You can have both Supernatural Ancestry and a special Bloodline. Being the offspring of one of the irish deities (who are also sidhe) is one example.

Picking Over the Bones

And that’s the end of the supernatural beings part of the primer. There are probably many others, but these are the more populous inhumans of the Ceteriverse. Next up, Optional Rules used in the campaign.


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