The Chronicles of Ceteri – C-Team – S01E08

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Title Forthcoming
We regroup at the BLA. Most of the team is tired and decides to sleep. Raleigh works on a charm to terrify people, while Agrivaine works up a False Flag charm (Succeeding by +2). Agrivaine then takes the next 4 hours to utilize Mastermind! for Intelligence Analysis purposes. A crit on a gumption spell that grants conscious common sense helps out.
Once people are awake, Leo and Raleigh make a trip to Raleigh’s apartment to gear up- Raleigh has a stash of random gear, and Leo grabs a few speedloaders and other stuff from it.
Aldrick is cooking. He creates a massive spread of food. Magnus offers us the use of his van, giving us very specific feeding and care instructions for it, leading us to raid Landon’s wine cellar.
We head to see Leo’s family. Leo does his best to explain the crisis affecting the whole Ceteri. We’re taken into a war-room, given some info, and told to see a Lady Von Thorne, the head of the largest house in the area. She’s been alive for over 150 years.
The Von Thorne compound is teeming with guards. It appears to be one of the best defended locations in Boston. We’re let in after presenting a written introduction from the Duke. We’re left waiting for an hour because we lack an appointment.
She’s old, severe looking, walks with a cane, and is flanked by some children and grandchildren who look very similar to her.
Lady Von Thorne is convinced that being neutral will allow her family to continue to survive through the crisis. Yanay makes some impassioned arguments that sway Von Thorne into mobilizing. 
We head next to the compound that’s housing the Dominate family. It’s a legitimate fortress, as opposed to the rich furnishings of the Thorne house. This is Leo’s family, and he’s not in their good graces at the moment.
We’re allowed in to see Leo’s brother. They prattle on for a bit. Leo’s not-crazy sister, Estelle, shows up, the one that idolizes Leo. Leo is given a chance to talk about the situation to her brother, and he does his best to make it clear that the events affecting Boston are everyone’s problems.
Leo’s dad shows up with Leo’s bubbly sister. The conversation doesn’t immediately collapse into hostility. 
Giovani Dominate is one part criminal, one part sorcerer, completely honest, but ruthless and completely willing to destroy people. One of Giovani’s daughters is missing, and it sounds like he wants help getting her back. 
Estelle is super eager to help us, and leads us into the house’s big observatory. She gives us some books on the coming astrological conjunction. Evidently the last time the Star of Bethlehem was involved was roughly 2000 years ago. 
Raleigh gets a crit helping Estelle doing something involving mapping the Autumn Road. 


We cast a spell to enter the Autumn Road and get to where we need to be. Agrivaine crit-fails his attempt help Yanay, reducing her success to only succeeding by 10.

After Action Reports/Game Notes

The C-Team started pulling together a group of allies this session. So far, House Von Thorn (the first of the Great Houses who has been on top of the heap for the last 100 years), House Domanotte (with conditions), and the local Fae Duke – Niallan Lughnon – who is *itching* to murder the crap out of whoever has harmed his people. Of the three of these two were a given. Potentially snagging House Domanotte as an ally has far-reaching consequences in the battles ahead. Actually heading into Between to rescue Theresa (Leo’s half-sister, fellow bastard, and madwoman) might net the PCs something they didn’t even consider.

Overall, things are starting to tie up and I’m searching for loose threads. Endings are hard y’all.
Session Soundtrack
“Keep The Streets Empty For Me” by Fever Ray (opening song)
“St. Anger” by Metallica (meeting the Duke)
“Is This Love?” by Whitesnake (Riding in the Shaggin Wagon)
“Planets of the Universe” by Stevie Nicks (in House Domanotte’s orrery)
“Laugh, I Nearly Died” by The Rolling Stones (closing song)
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