Designer’s Notes: It’s a Quest!


Hmmm. Where to start with this one? Well, like my two other installments (“It’s a Threat!” and “It’s a Trap!“) “It’s a Quest!” is designed to help make the GM’s life easier by giving advice, content, and some random generation tables to help jumpstart games. I briefly talk about two important modes of gameplay: “sandbox” and “plot-driven.” Both are equally valid and both can put different types of work on the GM in different ways. I talk about a few shortcuts I’ve used over the years and a technique I’ve used forever to keep track of everything when things do become complicated.
I didn’t really have any outtakes from this one – I flirted with a few extra tables but stopped before actually creating them. I’m glad I did because honestly I think what I put in was plenty for a Pyramid article.
Note, a lot of this stuff did come from monstrous (about 100,000 words) life-path generation system I’ve created. One day I might get off my butt and finish it as it can be used for any GURPS game and has specific tables for GURPS Action, Dungeon Fantasy, and Monster Hunters. After the End wasn’t out when I finished it and I haven’t really touched it sense. It’s really more of a GM’s aid, but a player could completely generate a character using it without actually building the character (it suggests traits to take or just flat out use depending on the entry).
Anyways, this took me about 60 hours to write. A good 20 of those was just pulling from another file – I wanted to create new entries but that didn’t happen (Personal note: my mother grew grievously ill and nearly died at the end of May. She’s doing much better now, but between being sick at the time with food poisoning and worrying over her I had very little ink in my quill.). It took me about 2 hours to edit (I really dropped the ball here and I know it. I should have done better, but as I said. Issues), 3 (ish) hours of research, and about 17 hours of revision. I spent a further 4-6 hours look  looking over the preliminary PDF for any issues and revising.
I’ll proudly note that this was the first every Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Pyramid issue and I was in it. 
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