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This one was fun to write. I want to just get that out of the way. Not all articles are fun to write – many of them (for me) are Dungeon Fantasy since I get to crank up the silliness a bit. This was fun for a different reason – because it was GURPS Technomancer. I love the Technomancer setting. It is my favorite published GURPS setting and is one of two campaign settings I’ll actually run using GURPS instead of creating my own – which I almost always do (the other is Infinite Worlds which I’m also fond of). Steven was looking for articles to fill the first Technomancer Pyramid and I was lucky enough to get an invite – I didn’t get in though. The issue was stuffed by the time I was finished and my article got the boot for others because they were more valid for converting the setting over to 4th edition. c’est la vie. The article itself was so fun because I got to build onto the world a bit, introduce a potential NPC for players to pal around with, and of course . . . the storm scorpions. I ended up submitting it to the second to last issue of Pyramid because I wanted it out there and as official as I could get it.

All in all it took me about 20 hours to write, 30 hours to edit, 5 hours worth of research (looking over established Technomancer material), and 20 hours of revision. I spent a further 20ish hours looking over the preliminary PDF for any issues and revising.

This article had no outtakes as it was to custom spec.

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