Dungeon Fantasy Aersalus – B-Team – Session 5

Dramatis Personae

  • Fyadhiel, Elven Scout (386 points) (played by +Douglas Cole): An elvish warmaster sent on a quest to be more humane. It’s not working. Tagline: “Just Damn Better than you.”
  • Gaffer, Gremian Artificer (428 points) (played by +Christopher D.): Boom Squirrel. Tagline: “Stop damaging your gear! I’m the one that has to repair it.”
  • Galen Fallowhide, Halfling Scholar (Physick)/Cleric of Healing (385 points) (player by +Christian G.): He’s a doctor (but not a cannibal) that can heal with steel. He’s small, but deadly and a bit crazy. Tagline: “How many times have I healed you? Let me count the holes.”
  • Ryeleah Lopek, Human Wizard (358 points) (played by +Merlin A.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Waraxe Mandrake, Dwarven Knight (350 points) (played by +Rob K.): A solid dwarf with miscellaneous scars and a long red beard. Usually seen in well-maintained (ahem) dwarven armor, and with Lydia, a rather large dwarven waraxe. Tagline: “Pass the beer and look out for the axe.”
  • Amara Aritis, Elven Wizard (??? points) (NPC): A magnificent, if mysterious woman the PCs rescued from being stoned by the medusa in the Mirror Dimension that serves as the lich Ghanz’s prison.
  • Maxion “Twerp” Lopek, Human Cultist (Wizard) (84 points) (NPC): Twerp is a human boy (about 11, he’s not sure since his mother didn’t keep track) who dreams of one day becoming an auric knight and finally making his mother proud. Son of Ryeleah. Tagline: “Gee, I don’t know if that’s a good idea, mom.”
  • Moon Moon, Dire Wolf (156 points) (NPC): Not too bright, but strong. Sometimes forgets how to doge, such dignity, wowe. Tagline: “Woof.”

Previously . . .

The session starts out with the group trying to decide if they should return to town or follow the rumors and use the Seeker Idol to locate the wayward wizard sought by the Empire and the Orcs. Sense loses out as the group climbs the top of the mountain above the mine to seek out the wizard, leaving Twerp under the watchful eye of Waraxe Mandrake as he clears the mine of bodies and goods.

With Fyadhiel leading the way, tracking disturbed snow and using the idol, it didn’t take the group long to suss out where the wizard was, and it’s not in a good position. Held in a cage surrounded by a large group of rather large trolls chanting and laughing in an unknown language. Splitting off from the group, Fyadhiel moved up the mountainside to get a better shot and the rest of group made sure to prep for a conflict.

Quick and brutal, the first troll was taken down within a split second while another was set ablaze with a well-placed shot while Galen used a newly found wand of concussion to throw out a good shot to stun most of the group.

The fight itself was rather short, only a couple seconds of arrows flying, fires being started on every troll, necks being slit with not a single member of the group being hurt through proper use of good tactics and sometimes through just sheer luck. The wizard prisoner introduces himself to Ryeleah and sweet talks her into letting him out of the cage, unfortunately for both of them the lock is made out of old and pitted meteoric iron leaving it to Gaffer to have to pick the lock. A quick moment later and the wizard is out and the lock no longer an issue.

The prisoner introduces himself as Wylan Dekkar, an Elven artificer of some renown and fugitive from Orcs and Empire alike. A quick conversation, they head back towards the mine to get him to somewhere warm. Once there the group inspects the remains of Terebris, the earth spirit fought previously and talks about the heart of the spirit. A quick inspection of the heart and the group is informed that if broken carefully, it could give birth to an entirely new spirit, not a dark shen like that fought by the group.

The newly birthed shen is a prosperity spirit named Nakuli and Ryeleah decided to gift the Eyes of Terebris to the shen. In return, it explained what it could do for the group. It could give it gold in exchange for items, it could worsen the delver’s wealth in exchange for other attributes, or folks could increase their potential wealth, and in exchange for being birthed back into the world and gifted the eyes it would happily bless a group or area with better prosperity.

The group near unanimously agreed that he should bless the town of Camaronok and gave Nakuli the Wand of Concussion before they decided to take a look at the various treasures that Waraxe gathered to determine what to keep and what to sell to Nakuli.

Inside The Tower of Ghanz, The Shards of Imprisonment

Fyadhiel, Gaffer, Galen Fallowhide, Ryeleah Lopek, and Waraxe Mandrake
Anner (Fourth Month), 3rd, 981 F.R., 11th Hour of the Sun (6:00 pm)
Taskar, Dancorra Bay, Abolethe (“The Span”)




After Action Report (GM)







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