Dungeon Fantasy Aersalus – C-Team – Session 12

Dramatis Personae

  • Hópgehnást “Keel-Breaker” Nihtbealumann, Beastly Minotaur Barbarian (404 points) (played by +Emily Smirle): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Kulvar Rholdun Uldar, Old-Blood Human Scholar/Artificer (Alchemist)/Wizard (0 points) (played by +Travis Ellis): TBA. Tagline: “TBA.”
  • Nergui, Half-Orc Scout (395 points) (played by +Josh Burton): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Rashi Talonfurr, Human Cleric of Fire (404 points) (played by +Christopher D.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Ashe, Shen of Fire Skirmisher (410 points) (NPC): Likes to make things burn. Likes punch things. Likes to punch and burn things. Also, dances. Tagline: “[disconcerting giggle].”
  • Jarick Farweather, Servant (125 points) (NPC): Valet of the Tarrel family. Sone of the Valet of the Tarrel Family (and so on). Snooty. Tagline: “Would sir car for some more?”
  • Kinnmonaqro “Crow” Rikah, Half-Elf Cutpurse (0 points) (NPC): Tiny terror. Karemesie wanderer and half-breed. Tagline: “I’m small, but I’ll still cut you and you bleed just fine”
  • Luirlan Tarrel, Noble??? (??? points) (NPC): Rich. Very rich and from a noble family. Has a good heart, but acts first and thinks never. Tagline: “I’m the 8th richest man in Aramore, you know.”
  • Niranash “Nash”, Shen of Knowledge (570 points) (NPC): Deadhead. Spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and death. Incurable lech (not lich!). Never shuts up. Ever. Tagline: “Your eyes are clearly not down here, but let me look just in case.”

Previously . . .

Kulvar’s lab suffers and explosion and Rashi is forced to heal him. The rats return as we rest at camp, and then we return to the house, futzing around for a bit before going upstairs.

The Tarrel Country Estate, Second Floor and Attic

Keel-Breaker, Nergui, and Rashi Talonfurr
Bahart (Third Month), 7th, 981 F.R., 4th Hour of the Moon (10:00 am)
Outside of the Tarrel Estate, Northern Veneficia, Sicatra

Keel-Breaker and Nergui begin exploring. Nerguii kicks down a door and then a bunch of holes open in the ceiling and glowing rat-men (their bodies sparking with electricity) drop from them.

The rat-men go first. Rashi’s stunned by the electricity, Keel-Breaker avoids a critical hit from a rat-men and loses his Bless, while Nergui and Kulvar both dodge attacks by the sparky rat-men. Rashi is dog-piled, but doesn’t take appreciable damage. Nergui launches out a Concussion with his Versatile Power Bow, stunning a few rat-men. Kulvar steps back, draws his staff, and prepares an Acid Ball.

Nergui and Keel-Breaker both manage to kill a few of the rat-men, allowing Rashi enough space to actually recover from being stunned. Kulvar hits a rat-men in the face with a 1d Acid Ball, knocking it down, stunning it, and blinding one eye. Nergui hits one in the vitals and drops it to -3xHP in a single shot; it dies. Keel-Breaker immediately chops a leg off another. It clings to life, but suffers a Fright Check that renders it catatonic for 1d hours.

Kulvar smashes the one he hit in the hand, demolishing it, and then Nergui headshots the same one in the head twice. The rat-men’s morale breaks and they rout trying to flee. We continue to clean up the fight. The PCs explore a little and gives Rashi time to heal up. One room is full of strange spores, so we allow Rashi in (since he doesn’t need to breathe) and he is able to talk to Nash for a bit through one of those inter-dimensional holes.

Then a giant rat eye looks up at Rashi through the hole and he jabs at it with his staff, hitting it for roughly 12 crushing damage and 12 toxic damage. Rashi critically hits the eye and effectively kills whatever it was attached to. The house reacts, with rats pouring out from the walls. The PCs trudge upstairs. Kulvar blocks off the stairs with a critical success on Create Earth. The PCs further explore the attic, eventually discovering a wardrobe that opens up to some kind of portal. They’re caught surprised by black tendrils that come out of it, grabbing Rashi and eatting him. Keel-Breaker chops at it, and then Nergui is grabbed and hauled inside as it noms him next. Kulvar turns the wardrobe into paste with a critical hit via a 4d Acid Ball, leaving behind an inky black portal with Nerguii and Rashi on the other side – a hole in reality leaving to two places that should not spatially touch.

Keel-Breaker and Kulvar both go through.

The Tarrel Country Estate, Basement and Caverns Deep

Keel-Breaker, Nergui, and Rashi Talonfurr
Bahart (Third Month), 7th, 981 F.R., 6th Hour of the Moon (12:00 pm)
Outside of the Tarrel Estate, Northern Veneficia, Sicatra

The PCs arrive, and find theirselves in a research lab. Kulvar immediately geeks out, rifling through the books and taking one that details “Wind gates” – magical gates used during the War of the Giants that the gods used to move their armies. Keel-Breaker goes to kick down a door and gets zapped with some kind of disintegration magic, which ruins his clothes. Much to everyone’s disappointment as they got an eyeful of Keel-Breaker. All of Keel-Breaker.

Kulvar tosses a chair at the door via Poltergeist to get it to open fully. The chair disappears immediately. Rashi eventually throws a Dispel at the door, and we get past it, only finding an identical door behind it. We take the other available door at this point, finding a set of stairs and heading down. The PCs follow it down into a cavern and take some time to cast Continual Light spells and then find a patch of yellow mold. A lot of yellow mold. It’s sticky- and prone to throwing up clouds of corrosive spores. With only three options and two of them filled with mold, the PCs take the moldless path, finding some blood and bodies, as well as hearing the crashing of the ocean. Keel-Breaker determines that rat-men were responsible.


The PCs contemplate taking on the yellow mold, but decide that risking the water is likely safer. Kulvar casts Wizard Eye and scouts the hole with the water, finding that it’s about a 33 foot swim, with a grotto on the other side. On one wall of the grotto there’s a door, with light and some people behind it.

After Action Report (GM)

The players were dragggging there feet on this – Tossing in that Spacemaw (the thing in the cabinet) at the end to get them back on track was totally fiat being thrown around. But it worked and I was happy for it. This all leads back to improper preparation for monster encounters on the map and instead relying on the rules I’d made. I intend to put a very stern box on when to use said rules and when not to. Overall, game was very amusing and Emily decided to take a quirk for “Clothing Damage” for Keel-Breaker.



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